Shooting of bicyclist Pam Mullins in Berkeley not random

A memorial for Pam Mullins on xxx Street, as seen on Dec. 7. Photo: ilovemytank

A memorial for Pam Mullins outside Longfellow Middle School, photographed on Dec. 7. Photo: ilovemytank

The shooting of 50-year-old Pam Mullins as she was riding her bike on Sacramento Street on Dec. 4 was a targeted attack and not a random killing, according to authorities.

Mullins was not the victim of a bullet gone astray, but someone who was intentionally targeted, said Officer Jennifer Coats, police spokeswoman.

Police declined to discuss why Mullins, an in-home health worker, might be the target of an attack. While she had lived in Berkeley for many years, she had moved into an apartment on Sacramento Street near Ward — about a block from the shooting — just a few weeks before her death, according to family members.

Pamula Mullins. Courtesy of Mullins' family

Pamula Mullins. Courtesy of Mullins’ family

Mullins was riding on Sacramento Street right in front of Longfellow Middle School when she was shot in the head around 11:36 p.m., according to police. Calls to 911 first reported that a woman might have been involved in a traffic accident, but when police responded they found Mullins on the sidewalk, bleeding profusely. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

On Thursday, police announced a $15,000 reward for any tips that lead to the arrest and conviction of Mullins’ killer.

Mullins was the fifth homicide in Berkeley this year. On Thursday, Berkeley police announced another, previously unknown homicide. In October, police discovered the body of Mark Stannard, 64, who was also known as Cowboy. Stannard’s body may have been exposed to the elements for a long time and it took officials until recently to determine he had been murdered. So Stannard’s death became Berkeley’s fourth homicide of the year and Mullins’ is now the fifth.

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  • guest

    To those who know what happened:

    Take the money. Turn in the shooter.

  • Tizzielish

    Or, in case they are afraid to come forward, come forward with care. Those in the know can be protected and helped to come forward. Use a lawyer or other advocate/mediary. And do it cause its the right thing to do, not for the money (but take the money, of course).

  • The Sharkey

    Does BPD have any idea why she was targeted?

  • berkeleykev

    While we’d all like to know what happened, I support BPD’s long-standing practice of not holding overly explanatory press conferences to tout the “progress” in gathering evidence, ID’ing suspects, etc.

    How many times have we seen OPD or LAPD pat themselves on the back for their work in cases only to later find out “whoops, we had the wrong guy”, or “whoops we just corrupted corroborations/evidence”, etc.

    I say let them do their job without worrying about our concern for now.

  • Red_Geologist

    Wanker Kev!

    BPD cannot find it’s own butt in a darkened room using both hands!

  • bpai99

    True or not, let them do their job and see what happens.