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Best of Berkeleyside: This week’s most popular posts

Photo: Jef Poskanzer

Many Berkeleyans were shocked to hear that Off The Grid in the Gourmet Ghetto had its last day on Dec. 19. Photo: Jef Poskanzer

Despite the holidays being almost upon us, it was far from being a slow news week.

Several crime-related stories caught people’s attention. There was the revelation that the shooting of Pam Mullins, while she was riding her bike on Sacramento Street on Dec. 4, was not random; the news that Berkeley had in fact had five homicides this year when a coroner’s report on Mark Stannard, known as Cowboy, revealed he had been the victim of a murder in October. On Wednesday, a man provoked a night-long standoff with police in Albany after threatening to shoot some of his neighbors; and north Berkeley residents expressed their concern about local crime at a neighborhood meeting on Thursday, prompted by a recent spate of robberies.

The obituary of Cal PhD student Steve Jarjisian, who died in a motorcycle accident on Dec. 12 in north Berkeley, which we published on Wednesday, was very well read. As was the news we broke on Friday that proposals were afoot for the city’s first high-rise in 40 years.

But by far the most viewed and discussed story this week was the one we published on Thursday with the news that Berkeley had pulled the plug, after 19 months, on food truck market Off The Grid in the Gourmet Ghetto. Many readers expressed frustration that such a popular event was being discontinued with no consultation or notice.

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This week on NOSH: Saltfish, Persia and a people’s grocery

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Miss Ollie’s: Hits the spot for Caribbean soul food It’s only been open two weeks, but Sarah Kirnon’s new restaurant in Old Oakland’s Swan Market is pulling in the lunch crowds (pictured above).

For Oakland food desert, a people’s grocery Brahm Ahmadi has spent 10 years laying the groundwork for the People’s Community Market which he hopes to open in underserved West Oakland.

Ways with roots and luscious Middle Eastern dishes Ken Eastman, antiquarian book buyer at Moe’s Books, reviews two beautiful new cookbooks, Roots and Jerusalem that would make wonderful holiday gifts.

Persian community celebrates longest night of the year Pomegranates and watermelon, as well as a hearty bean and noodle soup, were part of the Persian community’s Yalda celebrations last week.

Nosh on the town: Haven A photographic portrait of Daniel Patterson’s Jack London Square eatery where the garlic and mint Brussels sprouts and the Bourbon pecan pie are our reporter’s particular favorites (not together). … Continue reading »