Five-time felon charged with murder of Berkeley woman

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Police found the body of Jennifer “Jessica” Kingeter of Berkeley in an apartment in East Oakland on Dec. 28. Image source: Google Maps

A 34-year-old Berkeley man who was on parole for a 2010 assault on his mother has been charged with the stabbing death on Friday of a Berkeley woman in her 20s, according to authorities and media reports.

Jamaal Anthony Prince was arraigned Monday, and charged with killing 26-year-old Jennifer Kingeter early Friday in an East Oakland apartment, according to the Oakland Tribune. Police told the Tribune she was a ballet student.

Jessica Kingeter, via Facebook

Jessica Kingeter, via Facebook

Kingeter, who went by the name “Jessica,” lived in Berkeley and had attended school in Albany when she was younger. She had recently been hired at a salon in Albany as a hair stylist, according to the salon’s website. (No one at the salon was available for comment Thursday afternoon.)

According to the Tribune, Kingeter was found in Oakland on Friday at about 2:30 a.m. “in a second-floor apartment at 5800 Walnut St., a building where police said a friend of Prince’s lived. Prince, who had cuts to his hands, was at the apartment when police arrived and was later arrested.”

The Oakland Police Department has not been available for comment.

Jamaal Prince, via Facebook

Jamaal Prince, via Facebook

According to the complaint filed by the Alameda County district attorney’s office, Prince was convicted in 2010 in Alameda County for assault likely to cause great bodily injury, and was sent to prison.

This followed a 2008 conviction in Alameda County for vandalism; a 1999 felony conviction in Alameda County for possession of a firearm by a felon; a 1996 felony conviction in Alameda County for grand theft; and a 2008 felony conviction in Stanislaus County for leaving the scene of a traffic accident resulting in death or permanent or serious injury.

Prince is scheduled to enter a plea Monday, Jan. 7, at 9 a.m. in Oakland, according to the Alameda County sheriff’s department. He remains in custody at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin without bail.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.

New details emerge in stabbing death of Berkeley woman [01.04.13]

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  • He was convicted in 2010 for attempted murder and was already on the streets? The blood of that young woman is on the hands of the “justice” system.

  • The Sharkey

    Well, they gotta pay for those bloated pensions and skyrocketing health care costs somehow!

    It’s more convenient to just let violent sociopaths out on the street than to find funding to expand the prisons or getting the Feds to finally end the moronic War on Marijuana so we can get small-time nonviolent drug dealers out of prison to make room for the people who really belong there.

    (Note, I don’t read or endorse this website, I just wanted a link

  • Sad Mom

    How can this be? A 5 time convicted Felon…. this is a tragedy was the daughter of a wibderful friend, beloved sweet daughter, this Nation is going down the Drain…. we should all be crying over this….

  • PragmaticProgressive

    How did he get to five felonies in a state that has three strikes? I’m missing something….

  • bgal4

    Jessica was my oldest son’s regular playmate in their pre-school years, 2-5. They attended the Berkeley co-op pre-school at the UCB child study center. I am very distressed having just learned about this tragedy from this report. This is the second murder of young people who as children our families shared the kids primary experiences, hiking, dancing, parties. I recently spoke with her mom, this is so heartbreaking. Jessica played make believe games in this house many times, I wish so deeply this was not real.

  • I has a sad. :(

  • Thank you for your kind words and remembrances of Jennifer Jessica Jean Kingeter
    Jess, Jessie or Jessica to her friends and family …..

    Our beloved daughter made us happy everyday of our lives. Our loving daughter Jessica Kingeter was warm hearted, kind, loving, trusting, smart, 26 years of friendship laughter and love, long talks and walks, singing, cooking, baking,dancing, swimming, diving, reading, re-reading, learning how to sew dresses,shirts and jackets. Learning how to be a teenager, young adult, and adult, learning
    how to drive and the fear that came with that.! (us parents and the car insurance!)

    Teaching balance and equilibrium; learning how to ride a Bike! and the fear that came with that.! First boy friend and the talk about sex … Yikes !!!!

    We watched Jessica Dance The Nut Cracker for 12 seasons since age five. The Right Of Spring and other recitals around Easter. All at the Julia Morgan Theatre on College Av. Talk about precious and immaculate concentration in Berkeley !? A great female architect’s building where girls and women are taught old fashion common sense, styles and traditions, ok old school but there’s nothing wrong with that.!! I can hear those young voices and pitter patter of little feet right now in my ear. Not sure what they are saying but it’s joyful and coming from the hearts in our youthful girls. The best we can offer.

    This is what a sense of community is about … talk about experiencing the best in Berkeley, Pacific Film Archives lectures and movies, Zellerbach and Berkeley Rep. performances, Indian Rock sunrises and sunsets, up the elevator of Sather Tower and at noon there’s a concert up there. (^_^)

    Cooking classes at the Culinary Arts School in St. Helena, Jessie’s last class Mediterranean
    Style Cooking.

    CAN U remember your experiences with your children .. I know u can because we are the same we are human we are loving caring parents, we worry (a lot) we remember their smiles, their faces, their warm embraces, we don’t forget because we are human and as much as we try because of the harsh cruel pain and suffering we experience we can NOT.

    Oh come on .. of course you can swim in lake Anza, Jessica’s mom had a summer pass that’s how often they went.. Her mom taught yoga and swimming in, in yes .. Strawberry Canyon, Go Bears, Yellow Jackets, A’s, Giants and Warriors … too many games to think about right now.. My sister love to go with Jessica, Jasper and her son to … to .. the carousel at Tilden park, in fact everything in Tilden is fun especially the fresh air, sweet smell of earth and pine and eucalyptus Oh and that crazy folk dance tradition of dancing around the Maypole if you never done it; I’ll tell you this, it is colorful and joyful; a rich life here in Berkeley

    KPFA Radio “Dance On Air” a show her mother hosted Jessica sitting on her moms lap by the
    microphone meeting and greeting the human beings who are shaping our consciousness in regard to the meaning of dance and are written about in Books…. For God sake .. Why .. A whole summer in
    Europe, traveling after High School staying with family and friends ….. There’s more ….

    Jennifer Jessica Jean Kingeter had Christmas Dinner in Hawaii last year with none other then President Barack Obama and the first lady of the United States Michelle .. Oh no you didn’t. Oh yes SHE did !!

    Jessica did not leave this planet peacefully and her death was harsh and senseless and it was very painful to read this article … I love all of Jessie’s friends and the people she touched … and may peace be with you all forever and ever Amen

    Jessica made us laugh, cry and laugh she carried in her A great heart Great laughter and song But she is no longer sharing time with us here on earth …. together…..

    No new memories will be made, we have only the memories of when she was with us …

    It becomes really unreal relating to photographs of her.

    You just repeat over and over and over.. Is there any way you can come back to us Jessica cause we miss u so, so much…

    Lets us all take a moment to rest in peace with Jennifer Jessica Jean Kingeter; just close your eyes and think of someone you Love……An if you cry, so much the better….

    Please stop by and say Hi to Jessie, because she needs you .. she needs every drop of your prayers, likes and comments on her page .. so she can make it to her resting place she is falling short.. because of this brutal attack of being stabbed over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, till the murder killer runs out of energy between 80 and 90 brutal, brutal stabbings .. can u say brutal because i can’t even think it, I just can write it and poof it’s out of my

    Jessica is asking i am asking Jessie’s mother, brother, sister grandparents, aunts uncles and cousins are asking you to help Jessica there is not enough energy in her for Jessie to make it to her final resting place .. we need more energy, prayers likes and comments on her facebook page to get her closer to the place she needs and wants to be, close to God, humanity, Berkeley, the Bay Area and beyond.

    Is there more about Jessica you bet there is ……. Stay tuned …

    Today is important; The body is being released from the coroner’s, lets plug into the spiritual side of our humanity, we have the energy because the year is brand new in pushing Jessica, guess what its reciprocal cause she giving back … nice

    P.S.S… i .. we love, love Jessica I mean love and were truly touched by her great joy, laughter,
    life and spirit.

    Is there any way you can come back to us Jessica cause we miss u so, so much…

    Oh and what’s that Jess …. O.K. I’ll tell them
    “Violence Toward Women Has Got To Stop”

    “Violence Toward Women Has Got To Stop”

    Peace, peace and more and more and more peace because i we you can not get enough …..

  • Dear Chuck – You are a great father and friend to our Jess, in life, and after life. She always loved you, and was so close to you. You spent many creative hours together, and talked on the phone more than anyone.

    Please let all of us hug and hold you. You have many people who love you, and all ways will. Love, Shantee

  • Birth: The emergence and starting of life as a physically separate being.
    We are giving life to a new separate journey

    Jessica (Jessie) Kingeter needs your help in emerging into her new separate reality for this physically plane.

    Please like this article so it can remain a top story it is important to Jessica to get her message out


    Next please stop by

    Jessica needs every drop of your prayers, likes and comments..

    So she can make it to her final resting place she is falling short of energy .. because of this brutal attack of Jessica being stabbed over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, till the murder killer took every drop of her energy 80 to 90 brutal, brutal stabbings

    Jessica has lost a lot of energy
    Jessica needs more energy, likes and comments on her facebook page and on the article

    This alone will bring Jessie closer to the place she needs and wants to be, close to God, humanity, Berkeley, the Bay Area and beyond.

    And Jess’s message needs to stay in the public’s Eye

    “Violence Toward Women Has Got To Stop”

    Do not let the system fail Jessica again and her get this message out.

    Peace peace and more peace cause you and i (we) just can’t get enough

  • bgal4

    Dear Shantee and Chuck,

    I have memories, many. I can not get Jessica’s beautiful face out of my mind since first reading this horrific news last night. Shantee, do you remember how Jessica would “read” to Kevin when the kids were only 2 1/2 years old. Jessica had a wonderful imagination,after reading they would bring the tale to life, creating costumes and environments all by themselves. My son’s first kiss was with Jessica, they were just babies.

    I am deeply sorry and will pray for Jessica.

    Laura M

  • Dear Shantee and Chuck,

    Jessica always was (and is, now) a very special young woman whom we will never forget.

    Now the struggle against violence against women is forever personalized for us. Whether on the streets, in communications with elected officials, or just in speaking with others…will always strive to serve justice and peace in honor of Jessica.

    Our hearts go out to you, and hope to see you soon.
    Juanita, Tito, and Larissa

  • Guest

    I am so very very sorry for your loss of your beautiful daughter. I am touched by your tribute to her here and all of Berkeley will miss her grace even if we did not know her. Sending thoughts her way to give her strength. Violence Toward Women Has Got To Stop.

  • emraguso

    Chuck and Shantee, we would really like to speak with you about Jess, and get some photographs, to be able to write more about Jess on Berkeleyside. If you’re able to, please call (5104598325) or write ( many thanks, and our condolences go out to your family.

  • Cindy Burgos

    hi, I am Jessica’s cousin’s wife and i have pictures of her and i will send then to you if you will email me at

  • bgal4

    Is this information available outside of facebook, I will never have a facebook account.

  • Mark McLeod

    Chuck, Thanks for sharing your beautiful recollections of Jessica. I was deeply moved by both the beauty and the tragedy!

  • Saturday, January 12, 2013
    3:00pm Come out & celebrate MLK’s b-day by helping us stop the ignorance &
    STOP THE VIOLENCE!!! 2 many are dying in our community and it’s gonna
    take a village to get us out of this.. Refreshments will be provided..
    Location–San Antonio Park, Oakland (16th and Foothill)

  • Che Joubert

    I hope I can share some thoughts with the family, having just found this article.

    My son was shot to death a few years ago in the Mission – he was one of the seven people killed one weekend, presumably by drug lords, in the company of a friend who was also killed, while they were in front of a neighborhood karaoke bar talking and relaxing. Death does open one to the world, teaches so much about the serious and precariousness of life, but one thing I’ve become very aware of through this, is that victims of violence may be very far away by the time the physical experience is over. Though their physical pain and emotional terror seem overwhelming to us, it may not be so in the non-physical ‘separate reality’ you speak of. While we’re unavoidably in great grief and despair, that may not be so for them. It may seem corny and old fashioned to talk about an after-world, and angels, and spiritual journeys, especially in a world that barely has that consciousness anymore, but I became convinced over time that my son did not suffer in the ways that I feared. He was not alone in that world – he received love, guidance and help, and is very much alive in a new way.

    I was able to feel all this, sense him and dream of him in ways that went beyond my own pain, because I had studied these things for a long time before the tragedy occurred, never realizing how much that faith and study would come to mean to me later.

    I would never try to talk someone out of their grief and suffering, but would exhort them to let themselves also believe in heaven, and angels, and the lovely things, with the same passion that they bring to understanding the obvious bad things in life. If you can believe in evil, then you must also admit the existence of love, goodness and mercy with the same fervor. The more you can trust in peace, and your version of God, the more you’ll allow your daughter do the same in that new, ‘separate reality.’

  • Betty Rajabi

    Dear Chuck and Shantee,

    I am so so… sorry,i loved Jessica,a sweet,smart and reliable young girl who i worked with since last few month,unfortunately didn’t last for a long.Your statement is so touching,loving and full of good memories of Jessica and filled with sadness of loss of your daughter!The words are not enough to express anyone’s feeling of this tragedy.I will miss her so much!

    Violence Toward Women Has Got To Stop!

  • kim

    no pics of the perp? hmmm….
    wonder why?

  • Hawkeyes

    Sounds like one of the MANY black on white violent crimes that are going on in this country that the mainstream media will never talk about. When the picture of the perp is missing, most of us know why. I’m sorry this happened to such a lovely, talented lady and my heart goes out to the family.

  • emraguso

    Authorities have not released a mug shot — and this is at their discretion. We can ask again today, but often once it gets to the district attorney’s office, it’s not available. Local agencies often decline to release mug shots unless a suspect remains at large.
    Someone did just share a link with us to what they say is Mr. Prince’s Facebook page. If we’re able to confirm, we may be able to use a photograph from there. I had looked for his page prior and hadn’t been able to find it.
    Which photographs are available tend to rely on random factors such as the degree of privacy settings people use on their Facebook pages, how common a name is, whether family members are responsive to requests, etc.
    I’m not clear about what implication is being made in these two comments about why the photograph would intentionally be withheld.

  • emraguso

    For those who wondered how someone with this criminal background had been released, we posted this story, in case you missed it:

  • Caliallye

    Sounds like it to you maybe. Jessica came from an interracial family. Please don’t make matters worse by your “knowing” why the picture wasn’t released. Your words are very hurtful to her family and family friends by saying things like this.

  • Marc

    …omg I knew Jessica well since high school. I am so sad right now… My heart is with all who knew this beautiful woman.

  • Howie Mencken

    Mr. Joubert,

    Reading your post I was overcome with a powerful affirmation of grace. Your words brought me as close to understanding these things as I pray I will ever need to be.

  • rb

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