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Best of Berkeleyside: This week’s most popular posts

UC Berkeley's Helios building at sunset by Derrick Coetzee

UC Berkeley’s Helios building at sunset by Derrick Coetzee

Three stories this week evoked a lot of discussion about the state of Berkeley. One was a map outlining the gap between Berkeley’s gap between rich and poor, one detailed new library policies that might significantly affect the homeless, and the other was an Opininator piece by Charles Siegel on widening the sidewalks on the south side of Bancroft Avenue. The map story generated many comments, but not necessarily what might have been expected. There was little outrage that some households  – particularly in the hills – had a much higher income than those in the city’s poorest neighborhoods. Instead, people seemed proud of the gulf because it showed the economic diversity of the city, which makes Berkeley an interesting place to live. … Continue reading »

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