New Bay Bridge span: 2 minutes, 3 years of building

After 11 years of construction, and 23 years after the Loma Prieta earthquake took part of it out, the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge is nearly done. Caltrans plans to open the bridge to traffic this September. While we wait for the opening, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission has released a fascinating 2-minute timelapse video of construction since 2009, put together from EarthCam‘s webcam footage. It makes it look so easy.

Lightning strikes Bay Bridge in midst of dramatic storm [04.13.12]
View from the water: New span of Bay Bridge takes shape [10.05.11]
Sneak peek: Up close on the new Bay Bridge span [02.14.11]

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  • Bill N

    Really neat time lapse. Thanks Berkeleyside!

  • bingo

    is it true that the old section will be made into some sort of bicycle pathway? I heard that somewhere.

  • 3rdGenBerkeleyan

    Bike paths on new section to treasure island.

  • Nope, it will be demolished.

  • Grace

    Great timing! Structural Engineer’s Association of Northern California and American Society of Civil Engineers are listening to a technical presentation tonight about this eastern span.

  • bingo

    I hope that’s true, thanks!

  • It is true. The sad thing is there are no plans at the moment to create bike paths on the existing west span, so you won’t be able to cycle into San Francisco yet.

  • Mbfarrel

    Well that is surely worth $6.5 billion dollars. 2.5 miles of mud with only one small 70′ deep hole.

  • Joey

    They should leave the old span up but take off the top deck. (Removal of the top deck should make it less vulnerable to a quake.) It could then be used for emergencies like when someone stops traffic to contemplate suicide. It would also allow emergency vehicles to bypass traffic delays. There would also be cost savings as we would not have to pay to dismantle it.

  • bingo

    that’s my dream. that would be beyond wonderful.