Man with gun robs Solano Avenue bank in Berkeley

Mechanics Bank on Solano Avenue in Berkeley was robbed Wednesday morning.

Mechanics Bank on Solano Avenue in Berkeley was robbed Wednesday morning.

A man with a handgun robbed a Solano Avenue bank Wednesday morning shortly after it opened, authorities said.

Police are investigating a robbery at Mechanics Bank, 1801 Solano Ave., said Officer Jennifer Coats of the Berkeley Police Department, via email.

A bank staffer said the Mechanics Bank branch manager on Solano Avenue could not comment on the incident.

Coats said the robbery was reported just before 9:30 a.m. There were no reported injuries.

She said she did not know if surveillance footage would be available, and that no additional detail was available about the robbery.

Police were speaking with bank employees and searching the neighborhood for the robber, who left with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Police described the robber as black, in his late 30s, 6 feet 6 inches tall and stocky, and wearing a black beanie and black hooded sweatshirt. He was carrying a black backpack.

Coats said police were not sure if the man left in a car or on foot.

Armed men assault bank security guard in Berkeley [06.07.12]

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  • Charles_Siegel

    I mentioned the obvious logical implication of the statement you did make.

  • The Sharkey

    I notice that the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence is using the number of total gun deaths rather than just gun homicides. Which I doubt is an accident, considering that almost 75% of gun deaths in Alaska in 1994 were suicides.

    How do those numbers shake out when you remove gun suicides from the equation?

  • BHS verteran

    Ms. Raguso, and Berkeleyside as a whole, are helping put the lie to ‘Berkeley Chic’ vilifying of ‘The Man’. Anti-cop shtick has too long been the mainstay of Old Prog excuses for our misunderstood under-served repeat offenders.

  • guest

    Drug dealers like assault weapons, too. Here’s just one example:

  • guest

    From the article: “The guns removed from the streets during the sting include an AR-15, AK-47 style rifle, 22 caliber rifle with silencer, sawed-off shotguns, and sniper-type rifles with night vision- all at the expense of the undercover officials’ safety.”

  • As a market research professional, I know that numbers are frequently misunderstood and misused. Thanks for clarifying some important stats regarding the Brady campain. This topic that has become so emotional that rational thought is being brushed aside (by gun control advocates and the NRA alike).

    Yes, something needs to change, but rational parsing of the data is the only way to determine where new government regulation efforts will get the best ROI.

  • PragmaticProgressive

    And she has done that. But what’s with Tracey stealing copy from behind another publication’s pay wall – in violation of their copyright – and reprinting it in its entirety in the comments the other day? That is a low point in integrity and I’m surprised that, after I pointed that out, she still hasn’t taken the content down.

  • PragmaticProgressive

    There’s also flag as inappropriate

  • Truth Sayer

    There are not too many guys 6′ 6″. And I usually notice anyone taller than myself, as I am 6′ 4″. Almost everyone guess falsely that my height is more than it actually is. I suggest that the police look for a guy between 5’11” and 6′ 6″.

  • The Sharkey

    You aren’t making a joke, you’re demeaning someone you disagree with by calling them a paranoid idiot rather than addressing the substance of his comment.

  • The Sharkey

    No, Charles, you did not.

    You falsely attributed a statement to me that I never made, and then after being called out on it you went into spin mode and backtracked and said you were only stating what you thought I was implying.

    It’s not the same thing, and you know it.

  • MondegreenMom

    Thanks for this report – In this overwrought time and environment I’m surprised not to have heard anywhere else about this incident, which took place across the street from my son’s elementary school during school hours. Glad no one was hurt. Hope an arrest is made soon.

  • bingo: Just FYI, and not to take away from Emilie’s obvious talents, but Berkeleyside has been supplying Berkeley news to the San Francisco Chronicle for the past two years. We have a similar editorial partnership with KQED after they asked us if we could supply them with Berkeley news.

  • guest

    What happens when the berkeleyside comments feeding frenzy of viciousness turns against berkeleyside contributors?

  • guest

    Or we could start having crazy vigilantes going to people’s homes…

  • Pragmatic Progressive: I reproduced the story (which was not stolen as we pay for a subscription) to help out a couple of readers who wanted to know what the article said. In retrospect it was probably a mistake and we would not do it again, but I think to suggest it is a low point in integrity is melodramatic. At most it was a simple misjudgment made in good faith.

  • guest

    Tracey: I for one support you doing so: as I said at the time: information wants to be free.
    I’m sure that berkeleyside would not mind being quoted, and personally, I’m willing to bet that the Chronicle doesn’t either.

  • PragmaticProgressive

    Seriously? Paying for a subscription for your personal use entitles you to publish it to the rest of the world? By your logic, every publication would have exactly one paying subscriber who would “help out” the rest of the planet.

    There’s no probably about it — it was definitely a mistake, as you must have known when you put “subscription needed” next to the link. Had you taken the content down right away when the mistake was pointed out, it would be less egregious, but you didn’t do that. And you STILL haven’t corrected the mistake, which is just arrogant.

    I stand by my assessment: you ripped off another publication without their consent. The window in which it could have been resolved as a “good faith misjudgment” has closed, which is why this is now about your integrity.

  • PragmaticProgressive

    Free as in “free speech,” not as in “free beer.” Even Richard Stallman would agree that a copyright owner has the right to charge for information, just not to prevent useful modifications to it.

    Berkeleyside has chosen a revenue model that works for it; the SF Business Times chose another model. Tracey doesn’t get to make another choice on their behalf without their consent.

    Being quoted in excerpts is indeed a common practice. Having your entire article reproduced without compensation in another publication is a violation of copyright, not “quoting.”

  • Harriet

    One year ago, Kenneth Warren was murdered at Shattuck & Ashby, with 80 bullets fired. Since then, there’s not been a word about it. I implore you to follow up on this case, to keep us informed, and to keep the Berkeley Police on the trail.

  • Data Guy

    Real men know that media manipulation is a fact of life. Let me introduce you to the TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE FOR HUMAN RELATIONS, which coordinates media propaganda worldwide, in accordance with central banker goals. Such a smart man you are, Charles. You don’t even know how the world works. You’re probably too dependent on propaganda to even figure out if this information is true or not. Lazy brain there, Charles. People like you are why the world is so messed up. You are directly responsible. Turn off the propaganda already Charles.

  • Data Guy

    Charles, you are disgusting, sleazy, and trollish because you support the abolishment of a Constitutionally protected right to protect one’s own self and loved ones. The 2nd amendment was created to protect US citizens from corrupt corporate central bankers that existed at the time the Constitution was written. Who did you think paid for the Red Coats for King George? Who did you think controls the media that you so willingly allow to spoonfeed your fragile mind the ideas you cling to? Who do you think has been funding both sides every major war for the last 300 years in order to collect interest on the loans? Get a lesson in some real American history sometime, and do all of us a favor.

  • Data Guy

    Real men, as opposed to men who allow the media propaganda machine to control the paradigm of their thoughts. Those aren’t men — they are puppets. Besides, what’s wrong with being a real man? You want to be a fake man? Are you some sort of idiot? Either you act like an adult, or you act like a child. Make up your mind.

  • Data Guy

    The Sharkey nailed it, actually. Grow up Charles. Learn how the world works, sometime. Do your own research on what goes on outside of your TV and newspaper.

  • guest

    I looked in the comment thread here to see if there was any movement on trying to solve this case, but the comments went off on many tangents. This bank is located 1/2 block from an elementary school and right on one of the busiest blocks of North Berkeley. At 9:30am I have to believe there were many witnesses. Is it really that easy to rob a bank in a busy area at an hour when many people are out and about? What is the protocol here for requesting tips from the public?