Man caught after 3 tries stealing beer from Berkeley Bowl

The ‘third time unlucky’ crimes took place at the Oregon St. Berkeley Bowl

Berkeley police officers arrested an Oakland man after he tried three times in a single night to steal beer from Berkeley Bowl, and struggled with loss prevention officers until police arrived, authorities said.

On Monday at about 8 p.m., Berkeley Police officers were called to the grocery store, at 2020 Oregon St., for a report of a shoplifter, who later was identified as Christopher Lichty, 32, of Oakland.

Police spokeswoman Jennifer Coats said Lichty first visited the store at 7:17 p.m., when he entered Berkeley Bowl and attempted to steal beer. Loss prevention officers tried to stop him and he dropped the beer and ran, said Coats via email.

Lichty returned to the store a short time later, and police said he again took beer, then left without paying for it. Coats said he was stopped by loss prevention officers, and struggled with them as they tried to detain him. He broke free and ran away, said Coats.

He returned a third time, again taking beer and walking out of the store without paying for it, police said.

Loss prevention officers at that time were able to detain Lichty until police arrived.

He was arrested on suspicion of robbery, theft, attempted theft, receiving stolen property and resisting arrest. According to the Alameda County sheriff’s department, he is being held in Santa Rita Jail.

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  • withak30

    This story is useless without telling what kind of beer he was trying to take.

  • What would be your guess?!

  • bingo

    He’ll definitely get a lot of respect from the other inmates–“I’m here because loss prevention officers caught me trying to steal beer from Berkeley Bowl, thrice”. Bon voyage!

  • Aram Jahn

    I would hope it was something like Pliny the Elder. I know I’d like to steal that stuff – not that I have or ever will – but I’ve thought of it when funds were (are) low.

    But stealing beer? It feels like something…do they have Old Milwaukee or Pabst Blue Ribbon (Frank Booth’s favorite!) at the Bowl? (I wouldn’t know as I’ve trained my mind to not even notice bad beer.)

  • Thirsty one

    I am at a loss to guess without a loss prevention officer to consult. Oh, OK. It was St. Pauli Girl.

  • serkes
  • serkes

    I googled “Stupid Beer Names” .. and perhaps he went for “I’ll be Bock”?


  • Someone returning thrice to unsuccessfully steal beer. Obviously not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. Following that line of analysis, I think he was going for Keystone Light in the “specially lined cans.”

  • kj

    “Loss Prevention Officer” – Title inflation alive and well.

  • serkes

    An Alice’s Restaurant moment …

    “He said, “What were you arrested for, kid?”And I said, “Littering.” And they all moved away from me on the bench there, and the hairy eyeball and all kinds of mean nasty things, till I said, “And creating a nuisance.””‘


  • Somethingsneverend.

    You can get anything you want at . . .

  • bingo

    my other favorite is “petroleum distribution engineer” for a gas station attendant.

  • FiatSlug

    If anyone tries to shoplift beer three times int he same day from the same market, doesn’t that suggest impairment of some sort?

    It would be interesting to know if Mr. Lichty was tested for blood alcohol content and the results.

  • 4Eenie

    Doubled back twice for dopple bock? Then claimed it was his doppelgänger?

  • iicisco

    Loss prevention officer eh? Really, what a joke. Tell me what certifications have they received?

  • leilah

    It was undoubtedly Heineken — ’cause he’s an ass, and thought he could do it…

  • No prof. certs. yet, the guy failed his first two of three exams ;-)

  • Facebook User

    Berkeley Bowl doesn’t get Pliny the Elder. I think they have PBR. Their beer selection is decidedly worse than Whole Foods.

  • guest

    Called it!
    Although i imagined the next crime story would be about a shoplifted Coca-Cola…

  • Stone Brewing

    I’m sure it was Arrogant Bastard…

  • guest

    Anybody think that maybe he needed a warm place to sleep that night? And a few drinks before bed? Or is it SOP for Berkeleyside readers to make fun of poor people?

  • google might be your friend

    Served the the Army 2005-2006, looks like fewer than 2 years of service – could be anything. Arrest record (Parole violation) in Missouri in 2011. Possibly arrested on Jan 15th 2013 with a $55,000 bond (or that could have been for what we’re reading about). Sounds like a troubled guy.

  • 4thInfSgt

    If you can’t afford it, you don’t need it.

  • Maybe the poor guy was just trying to celebrate SF Beer Week.

  • Chris J

    He’s making fun of stupid people. Slightly different.