UC employees hold demonstration in Berkeley

Union demo by Ted Friedman

Members of a UC union held a protest on Bancroft Way at Telegraph on Jan. 31. Photo: Ted Friedman

University of California employees held a demonstration today on Bancroft Way at Telegraph on the fringe of the Cal campus to protest what they see as unfair pay, medical and retirement benefits.
The protest was organized by members of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 3299.

The union’s shop steward, Arnold Muza, said the union had met today with UC Berkeley and that the employees’ contract had recently expired.


At issue for protesters are what they see as excessive pay for senior UC management. Photo: Ted Friedman

Some of the protesters held placards denouncing what they referred to as “UC greed” and they expressed their frustration with what they perceived to be an excessive retirement plan for UC President Mark Yudof, who is stepping down from his position this summer after five years in the job.

Local 3299 represents 20,000 University of California workers at the ten campuses and five medical centers. Workers represented include custodians, food service workers, cooks, bus drivers, licensed vocational nurses, nursing assistants, medical assistants and techs.

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  • Guest

    The Regents may not pay their employees, but they sure can spend money they don’t have on construction projects. Cal capital projects is getting ready spend millions on an NCAA Aquatics Center right down the street. UC spent $300 million creating unsustainable debt building Memorial Stadium. now they are planning to continue to spend beyond resonanle limits as part of their 2020 Long Range Development Plans.
    Is there no limit to their Greed?

  • guest

    if you are so opposed to what cal does, get a job somewhere else.

  • Garen

    How is building and updating facilities to meet growing enrollments and research greedy?

  • guest

    Football coach Tedford made 2.8 million per year. Chancellor Dirks makes around 500,000 / year. Many UC employees can’t even afford to pay their kids tuition at UC.

  • Boalted

    You right, it’s much better to buy the janitors Escalades than to invest in the world’s future.

  • Boalted

    “Many UC employees can’t even afford to pay their kids tuition at UC.”

    So what?

    The University is an employer, not a charity. You get paid at the market rate for the work you do. Janitors, gardeners, test tube washers work all over California for much less than their counterparts at UC make (and with fewer benefits). Many of them can’t pay UC tuition.

    The unions on campus have always played their audience well – Students have always eaten the “Up with the Workers!” pitch with a spoon. After all they’re at that point where Berkeley political consciousness is beginning to sprout.

    A union is a union, it’s reason to exist is to get the best deal the can for their members. Police, fireman etc, it’s all the same thing.