Man arrested in downtown Berkeley stabbing

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A man has been taken into custody after an apparently random attack tonight in downtown Berkeley, police said.

The stabbing, near Haste Street and Shattuck Avenue, was reported at about 4:40 p.m. Friday, said Lt. Ed Spiller of the Berkeley Police Department. A Berkeleyside reader on Facebook said six or seven police cruisers, along with a crime scene van, were still on scene as of about 5:50 p.m.

The man who was stabbed was taken to the hospital for medical care, but his injuries did not appear to be life-threatening, said Spiller, adding that he was waiting to receive an update about the victim’s condition.

Spiller said police aren’t looking for any other suspects, and that the victim and assailant appeared to have been strangers with no prior conflicts.

“It looks like the victim was just attacked by the suspect,” Spiller said. The men’s ages and cities of residence were not available at the time of publication.

As of about 6:40 p.m., Spiller said police were in the process of booking the suspect into custody on suspicion of assault. His name was not immediately available.

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  • The Sharkey

    If you’re following national and local news at all, yes I do expect them to be familiar with “assault” weapons and the National conversation on the topic.

    If being even slightly aware of what’s going on in Washington Re: weapons policies makes someone “obsessed” then I plead guilty to your charges.

  • Guest

    Actually, I have been harassed by female bums. However, that does not change the fact that 19 times out of 20, the bum doing the harassing is male, and the harassment is overtly sexual and/or misogynistic in nature.

  • guest

    Somehow, as a woman, I feel like I have been more aggressively harassed by female bums… men might say something sleazy like: “looking good” or whatever (never had anything seriously offensive, actually), but women are more likely to follow me or insult or personally harangue me… maybe I’m just unlucky…

  • guest

    …or lucky… hard to say which in this situation, : /

  • guest

    “But mental illness is part of the implication of the term ‘crazy bums.'”

    No dispute there. But why assume the perpetrator is homeless and then suggest or imply that his presumed homelessness is relevant to the fact that he (allegedly) committed this violent crime? It also seems incorrect to assume that if someone is ‘crazy’ nothing can be done about it. There are numerous treatment options for those willing to pursue them.

  • The Sharkey

    People who are really seriously mentally ill usually aren’t sane enough to seek out treatment for their problems.

  • Reader

    Good luck in getting anything out of the Berkeley police.

  • guest

    That’s what family and village are for?

  • galaxy_pie

    Yes, Biker94703, I also ASKED for it when I was punched by an apparent junkie woman for no reason; and the time I was spit on by a homeless mentally ill man because… I don’t know, I walked past him in Berkeley? Because I’m a petite female and some men have issues with females among other problems? After living in SF then Berkeley for over 15 years, I know not to make eye contact, walk briskly, and not really ASK for anything; basic urban survival skills that all women learn over time. And I never feel that safe on Shattuck or Telegraph.

  • PragmaticProgressive

    Name of assailant as been released.

    His picture is on Facebook.

    Profile says he works at “weed inc.” and is “going through thug therapy ftw”

  • emraguso
  • emraguso

    They did release some additional information, and we were able get more info from the sheriff’s department:

  • No Name

    That is the truth! The mental health system has failed numerous time with this one!