Man arrested in downtown Berkeley stabbing

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A man has been taken into custody after an apparently random attack tonight in downtown Berkeley, police said.

The stabbing, near Haste Street and Shattuck Avenue, was reported at about 4:40 p.m. Friday, said Lt. Ed Spiller of the Berkeley Police Department. A Berkeleyside reader on Facebook said six or seven police cruisers, along with a crime scene van, were still on scene as of about 5:50 p.m.

The man who was stabbed was taken to the hospital for medical care, but his injuries did not appear to be life-threatening, said Spiller, adding that he was waiting to receive an update about the victim’s condition.

Spiller said police aren’t looking for any other suspects, and that the victim and assailant appeared to have been strangers with no prior conflicts.

“It looks like the victim was just attacked by the suspect,” Spiller said. The men’s ages and cities of residence were not available at the time of publication.

As of about 6:40 p.m., Spiller said police were in the process of booking the suspect into custody on suspicion of assault. His name was not immediately available.

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  • 4Eenie

    Again, good work BPD!

  • PragmaticProgressive

    OK seriously, what is with the stabbings? First someone stabs a 70 year old woman and lights a house on fire, killing a dog; now someone stabs a total stranger. You have to be a in a very, very dark place to come to the conclusion that the logical next step is to start stabbing people.

  • jth

    I’m not so sure that logic really enters into it…

  • batardo

    OK so it turns out some of these crazy bums on the street are actually dangerous. Who knew.

  • EarlyMorningCoffee

    I’ll bet a dollar this happened outside of Dollar Tree.

  • flyonthewall

    Yes. What is it with that place? I walk on the other side of the street rather than walk past that storefront now. Shattuck is even more of a mess than ever.

  • Real journalists try to protect the community by publishing a photo and name of the criminal who will soon be back out of jail and continuing to stalk people. He has done it before. He will do it again. What is his home address. Interview his father & mother. Shine some light on the cause of this crim

  • quakera

    Can anyone explain the helicopter circling low and repeatedly –for a good 15 minutes– on Friday 2/1 at about 4:30? North Berkeley Hills, over Grizzly Peak where Euclid ends. Felt like they were searching for a criminal on the run, but –even reading this report-unlikely it could have been the attacker in the Shattuck assault.

  • bgal4

    Yes. I posted a comment during the measure S debate here about a scary experience we had walking through an drunk angry “party” around 6pm on a Friday night right outside the dollar store. I wonder why no one from the store had called the cops, everyone was so sloppy drunk acting out.

    What truly pissing me off about the complacency is that we know these incidents happen. A random stabbing like this happen on Dwight just below Telegraph a few years ago.

    In the middle of the day last year my husband and I were walking south on MLK and had the unfortunate experience of being confronted from a mentally ill young man. We had to run and protect ourselves from his attempts to hit my husband. The cops showed and because we demanded they talk with him we learned that the guy was not local, but comes to Berkeley to a program, the cops described him as “touched”. It was scary.

  • TN

    Do you know who the suspect is? You seem to know more about this incident than is written in this report.

    Can you tell us more?

  • bingo

    Amen, bgal4, amen.

  • bingo

    I have almost stopped even noticing the everpresent helicopters. One would assume the price of oil/gas would keep those annoying things to a minimum, but it seems not. I certainly wish they had to file some sort of explanation or intent report publicly before they heaved noise pollution on our area.

  • berkopinionator

    BPD should stop and frisk some of our suspicious/criminal “homeless” people and take away their illegal concealed knifes and guns. Time to roll up the welcome mat for deranged homicidal maniacs with illegal weapons. Yes, it is constitutional.

  • Boalted

    My sense is that this stuff has always happened. The difference is, now we hear about it. Before, our local dedicated news source examined Berkeley life through the lens global conflict, economic forces and government conspiracies. Now that we are aware of the longstanding dangers of our streets, I hope the BPD realizes there’s more of us who want police protection, than there are those who deride it.

  • The Sharkey

    Clearly we need to pass a Federal ban on these dangerous assault knives!

  • Building Resident

    You lost the bet. It happened outside our apartment building on the 2100 block of Haste across from the Dog and Cat Hospital. Male victim was returning home and unlocking the front gate to the building when he was stabbed in the abdomen. Suspect was just casually waiting along side the door and was not provoked or anything.

    All of us are pretty shaken up by this incident since everyone in the building uses the front door. Any one of us could’ve been the stabbing victim. Most of residents living here are just Cal students. Hope the victim gets our of the hospital soon and the suspect is thrown in the slammer.

  • eyebelieve

    There were two police cars parked at the 800 block of Grizzly Peak, a block from Euclid, about the same time as the helicopter flyover. Any further word on what was happening?

  • Kimberly

    How do you know that the guy was homeless? You know that the hate crimes committed AGAINST the homeless in Berkeley far outnumber the crimes they commit right?

  • Would love a source for this.

  • Student

    If he’d had a gun the victim would be dead–that’s the difference between gun violence and other kinds of violence. There are no more crazy people attacking others than there ever were, but when they can get guns they can kill.

  • Student

    Or Paul has a more vivid imagination than most. The reporter only knows what the police tell her-she’s a real journalist, just not a script-writer. I doubt that she’s hiding anything.

  • PragmaticProgressive

    Agreed, and I bet we won’t get one.

  • PragmaticProgressive

    And they do know who they are. Back when the city council invited Occupy to take over (and trash) Civic Center Park, a BPD officer told me that the place drawn a “who’s who of the criminal homeless.”

  • PragmaticProgressive

    This is very, very true. If you compare the coverage we are getting here with the stuff that Doug Oakley’s editor allows him to write for the Tribune: the difference is immense. Take away Berkeleyside and we’ll go back to living in a near media blackout. The Daily Planet isn’t even fit to line bird cages and epitomizes the lenses you described above.

    Regarding realizations by BPD, I would like to see us, as a community, experience some realizations of our own. We have some of the friendliest, most professional, and community oriented police that I’ve ever seen. Despite that, we collectively behave as though we were living in a totalitarian society.

    The Police Review Commission should be disbanded, along with Berkeley Copwatch, in favor of a much lighter form of civilian oversight. In the current arrangement, officers apparently have to engage in extensive CYA, which is why there are always 3+ cops at every arrest, tripling our operational costs. Imagine what we could do if policing this city didn’t require both belts and suspenders.

  • FinnB

    I walked 3 blocks downtown the other day and was harassed 7 times. It’s worse for women. We need to clean up OUR streets. It’s out of control. How could measure S not pass!!?

  • Biker 94703

    Twice per block? If its that bad, you’re asking for it.

  • Boalted

    Yes, yes and yes!

  • Boalted

    What do you mean?

  • emraguso

    As soon as the name is released we will update this story. We’ve been requesting mug shots after various arrests and the police department has declined to release them. We’ll certainly continue to ask though.

  • Curious

    Berkeley and Oakland police don’t know what they are–they said call FAA but I don’t know how.

  • Dolly

    You’re white, right?

  • PragmaticProgressive

    You’re racist, right?

  • truth sayer

    A citizen was stabbed, apparently for no or unknown reason. This is your defense for the individual who assaulted a person with a weapon by putting the onus on the community? Blaming everyone but the perpetuator? Frankly, your allegation that hate “crimes committed against the homeless in Berkeley far outnumber the crimes they commit” is a big stretch from truth. Of all my travels the homeless are treated better in Berkeley and the Bay area than most places in the U.S.

  • Truth Sayer

    It appears that tolerence in Berkeley is an abnormality. Truth be told, Berkeley, and the Bay Area, is the selected destination for the homeless in other cities who are offered a 1-way ticket by communities around the country, such as NY who want them gone. Most often, these tickets are offered in the winter. So please prepare yourselves to be “tolerant” for more homeless individuals. Anyone want to start a Berkeley Welcome Wagon?

  • ScratchSF

    It was a CHP helicopter helping out the BPD on another call. Unrelated to the Shattuck assault.

  • Guest

    That is complete bullshit. I used to get harassed twice per block on a regular basis when I walked from downtown BART to my home in the nineties, wearing the clothes I wore to work in a janitorial position (in other words, not exactly revealing), and minding my own business. Nothing enrages those bums more than the sight of a woman who’s obviously employed, no matter how marginally. Sorry to hear it’s still going on. Nowadays, I avoid Shattuck and Telegraph as much as possible.

  • guest

    >measure S
    So are you mainly harassed by seated people?

  • The Sharkey

    Wow, trashy comment Biker 94703.
    Blaming the victim with the same comments chauvinist pigs use to to shame rape victims? Yuck.

  • The Sharkey

    I think you missed my point.
    I agree that we have a lot of gun violence in the USA, and that it is a real problem. However I think that targeting “assault weapons” is idiotic, since Americans are more likely to be beaten or stabbed to death than killed with an “assault” weapon or a shotgun.

    If we want to do something about gun murders in the USA, we need to focus on the guns that are used in most murders – handguns.

  • Curious

    The BPD dispatcher said it wasn’t theirs.

  • Wondering

    What do you mean by harassed? Someone you don’t know spoke to you? You were asked for money? Someone got in your face, physically too close?

  • guest

    Whether or not the person who was arrested is homeless (assuming that is the implication of the term ‘bum’,) there is zero reason to believe that homelessness caused him to attack his victim. Untreated mental illness is a much more likely explanation.

  • Wondering

    Um, no. The PRC doesn’t do much, almost always sides with the police. Berkeley Copwatch is really just you and me. The police have a lot of power, and power tends to corrupt. Especially with the training they received from homeland security (some of which is secret), the police need oversight outside of their group. That’s how we avoid living in a totalitarian society.

  • bingo

    I bet I know who “guest” is.

  • Pietro Gambadilegno

    Untreated mental illness is a much more likely explanation

    But mental illness is part of the implication of the term “crazy bums.”

  • Guest

    She probably means ALL OF THE ABOVE. By seated male bums, and by standing male bums, who referred to her as a bitch, skank, whore, f***ing dyke, or a f***ing racist skank whore dyke bitch (no matter what her ethnicity is, or that of said male bums), when she didn’t give them the money or attention they wanted.

  • Guest

    It happens. “Seated people” have also been known to get up and get in the face of the person they’ve decided to harass. Jes’ flop yourself down on the sidewalk near the library downtown, and wait for someone to come along who you think you can shake down for a few bucks, or at least vent your economic resentment on.

  • Pietro Gambadilegno

    Do you expect people to get that point when you’re commenting on a crime that used a knife and no one on this thread has even mentioned handguns?

    Only someone who is obsessed would make the connection.

  • guest

    obviously you have never been harassed by female bums following you or calling out at you. Ever been to Berkeley?

  • The Sharkey

    Ever been to Berkeley? Considering that the vast majority of threatening bums here are male, I could ask you the same question.