The Berkeley Wire: 02.05.13

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  • The Sharkey

    The article about the demise of Telegraph is very interesting, and damning of our local politicians.
    At first I wondered why the article called out Bates by name but didn’t mention the name of the city council member who’s overseen the last decade-and-a-half of decline along telegraph.

    Then I saw that it was written by “homeless activist” and Kriss Worthington endorser Randy Shaw, and the rest wasn’t too hard to figure out.

  • Mrdrew3782

    I really wish the city would just reclaim the vacant properties owned by Ken Sarachan. He has had years to build, sell, or lease the properties and he has done nothing but sit on them at the cities expense. There is so much potential for Telegraph. I would love to see it become a hub for college students like it should be. Maybe once the new student center on the campus is complete things will shift for the better.