Two arrested after Berkeley Police foil robbery attempt

Police say two men with a gun tried to rob another man  in south Berkeley on Friday.

Police say two men with a gun tried to rob a third man in south Berkeley on the afternoon of Jan. 31. This photograph shows the crime scene about an hour after the robbery attempt, with police still on scene. Photo: M.C. Horng

A police officer on patrol interrupted a robbery attempt late last week in south Berkeley, which led to the arrest of two men, authorities said Monday.

A reader emailed the above-featured photograph to Berkeleyside on Thursday, and asked us to find out what happened.

Officer Jennifer Coats of the Berkeley Police Department said Monday that the incident shown in the photograph involved a robbery attempt Thursday.

Coats said that at about 3:30 p.m. on Jan. 31 two men with a gun tried to rob a 27-year-old man in the 1500 block of Russell Street, just east of Sacramento Street. When the robbers noticed a Berkeley police officer driving in the area, said Coats, they started to walk away. Both men were detained by Berkeley police officers, and later were arrested on suspicion of attempted robbery.

Police identified the men as Jeffrey Marqell Hawkins, 28, of Long Beach and Sepehr Moarefy, 22, of Arroyo Grande, Calif.

Hawkins is being held with a bail of $150,000 on suspicion of robbery and making criminal threats. Moarefy is being held with a bail of $165,000 on suspicion of robbery, making criminal threats, committing a felony while on bail and using a firearm during a felony, among other violations.

Both men were scheduled to enter a plea at 9:00 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 5, in Department 112 of the Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse in downtown Oakland. They remain in custody in Santa Rita Jail.

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  • anon

    see? pictures, video, all that helps. our police are only humans, not actors from CSI…

    the public needs to see crime and the homes it takes place in front of to get how serious it is

  • EarlyMorningCoffee

    Instagram makes this police operation look so ironic.

  • bingo

    I was just thinking the same thing.

  • Allyson Bogie

    I guess I should have taken a photo of whatever was going on around Hearst (or maybe Delaware, can’t remember) and San Pablo at 3:50 pm, because I thought you might have the story. There were a bunch of cop cars, and yellow tape blocking off an entire block east of San Pablo. If you know what happened, I am curious to know.

  • Allyson Bogie

    Oops…I see the article is on here after all. Please don’t post myp revious comment, thanks!

  • anon

    Is this the same guy, given he’s from Arroyo Grande and matches the age? This attempted murder incident happened in 2011 and he’s out already? (if it’s the same guy)

  • another guest

    If it’s the same guy he got a slap on the wrist.
    “Moarefy faces 98 days in County Jail and a 10-year prohibition on possessing a firearm, according to the District Attorney’s Office.”

    Read more here:

  • Paul Scheurer

    More good solid police work by the BPD.

  • black lotus

    so then shouldn’t he not only be charged with ” suspicion of robbery ” but ALSO for parole violation?

  • A

    why do you guys care, mind your own business

  • Aa

    What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty, the foundation of our justice system depends on this principle . U ignorant pieces of verga