The Berkeley Wire: 02.11.13

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  • PragmaticProgressive


    I would very much like to read more about the short, violent life of Tyler Frank Jamison.

    Was he a Berkeley kid? He was enrolled at Berkeley High for a while, but the Tribune story makes no mention of surviving relations. Now that he’s dead, there’s no reason for BUSD to put up a privacy shield. Were there disciplinary issues at school? Signs of gang involvement? Are his known associates still at the school and are they being looked into?

    What the heck happened in the Woolsey shooting that the witnesses all decided not to testify, letting this guy walk free? If there was ever an argument to blanket the city with CCTV, that’s it.

  • bgal4

    OK, the story unfolds. This and other recent crime stories conflicts with the recent Jacket article about gangs locally.