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Berkeley police officer injured during warrant search

A Berkeley police officer was sent to hospital with injuries after being attacked by a dog while executing a search in Richmond at around 3:18 p.m. today, according to BPD.

In a release, BPD said that BPD officers assigned to the Special Enforcement Unit were executing a search warrant in Richmond on the afternoon of Feb. 12. “BPD officers were confronted by three pit bulls belonging to the resident,” reads the release. “One of the dogs attacked a BPD officer, biting the officer in the arm while another dog attempted to assist in the attack. Both dogs were shot and killed. The officer was subsequently treated for their injuries and released from a local hospital.”

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  • Guest123

    These dogs might not have been killed if the Berkeley Police had a K9 unit to subdue them. A shame.

  • Really?

    No room for Pits or Rots in the world. Perfect outcome, too bad the officer was injured.

  • jth

    Yay, let’s all celebrate dogs getting shot.

    No room for empathy-deficient jerks in the world, I say.

  • Dog Lover

    I DEMAND: Was there not time to get a tranquilizer dart or to deploy a taser or other non-lethal weapon to subdue these dogs who, after all, were only defending their own territory?

  • John_Smith

    I don’t think police are calm enough/trained enough/clear headed enough to handle canines. Most police seem addicted to adrenaline. I’ve seen them executing search warrants. They go in with big rifles, usually breaking in the front door. Loud, frightening. How do they expect dogs to react? Why can’t police carry dog biscuits, or bring some meat or something when they’re ‘executing?’ If they hear a dog or dogs, they could go to their cars and get some treats, or perhaps stop in at a local fast fake food joint like McD’s on the way and pick up some disgusting burgers. Most dogs love that stuff.
    I’m sorry the officer was injured. I’m sorry the police don’t take reasonable steps to prevent such injuries, and prevent the perceived need to kill dogs.

  • D. Vitale

    You can say that, but facts disagree with you.

    Police use K9 units effectively and with great results, in most other communities.

  • guest

    The dogs were probably trained to attack. I love animals, but I’m more concerned about the safety of the officers.

  • guest

    Hi Dog Lover:

    What are your thoughts about the ‘owners’ of these animals who put them in harms way?

  • guest

    But not to subdue pit bulls, I would think.

  • guest

    Leaving plenty of time for the building occupants to start shooting. Blame the owners.

  • guest

    My dogs “defend” my property by trying to lick and play with anyone who comes in my yard. If these dogs were trained to be hostile, the owners are at fault.

  • bgal4

    Absolutely false, I will never forgot the funny scene when the infamous Moore clan (drug house 1610 Oregon) could not get their lost dog to come home with them, it was our beat cop who got the dog to respond to his commands thus returning the pet safely.

  • Mfox327

    Pits and rots raised in a loving home act the same way as you’d expect from something like a golden retriever or a lab. They’re not naturally aggressive, they’re just too often trained to be that way. There’s plenty of room for these dogs in the world, they’re just going to the wrong people.

  • Iceland_1622

    This video speaks volumes and then much more. All of these squared jawed muscle dogs need to go and be *removed* from society as they endanger all of us. Pepper just pisses them off and makes them more vicious, so you need to go to plan ‘B’ and be prepared as there are so many of these dogs around with owners who are less than stellar in the IQ or EQ department. I had one come directly at my throat three weeks ago in broad daylight on Marin at Fresno when this ^%$#@! let the leash go and allowed his power dog to go at me. Some animals should not be allowed to live among humans and even with the *best* of care and early treatment any pit can rip any adult or child into pieces as per their hard wired genetics. Truthfully, I do not see this ending any time soon. I feel so sorry for this woman animal control officer in this video as she is just trying to make a living and also do the impossible as this woman owner is infantile and developmentally arrested and regressed. She should have never gone in there without full police backup.