Where in Berkeley?

Where in Berkeley?

WIB 2.13.13

Know where this is? Take a guess and let us know in the Comments.

Update, 2.14.13, 4:50 p.m.: It took a while — nearly two days in fact — but we have a winner! Dogen correctly identified this as being on the south side of the 2200 Block of Ward Street. Congratulations on being this week’s winner, Dogen! We were getting worried that we’d have to supply the answer — a first for Where in Berkeley?

Photo: K. Lenihan.

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  • the Deer

    Addison Street near Milvia? Lots of stuff in the sidewalk there….

  • the Deer: that’s not it, but thanks for the guess. (The only one so far! Where are your wildlife friends?)

  • bingo

    yeah, this is a stumper. i’d re-post tomorrow…

  • anonfornow

    Could this be a Lenihan from our block? Then perhaps Le Conte Elementary School?

  • No, that’s not it. (I can’t confirm or deny it’s “Lenihan from your block”!). Thanks for the guess. Keep trying!

  • Nina J. Hodgson

    Long shot here, but could it be the newt crossing in Tilden?
    Nina J. Hodgson

  • Ha! The funniest guess for sure, but not right (you won’t be surprised to hear).

  • Dogen

    Ok, I’ll take a guess. It looks like something made by Coille Hooven, so I’m guessing the 2200 block of Ward St.

  • NAParish

    I am so annoyed! I have seen this alligator (crocodile?) in my walks around Berkeley, but I cannot remember where!

  • DG

    Willard Park?

  • Jaclyn

    Angeline’s restaurant on Shattuck?

  • serkes

    One of Berkeley’s local law firms?

  • Guessing Guest

    Is this getting warm? If I could go out to check on it I would.


  • Dogen: You are correct! (Thank goodness, I was beginning to think we’d have our first ever “Where in Berkeley?” without a winner!) This is on the south side of the 2200 Block of Ward Street. Congratulations on being this week’s winner!

  • serkes

    Perhaps another photowalk in the spring.

  • Mark Humbert

    Are you the Dogen who brought Zen Buddhism to Japan in the 13th Century?

  • Dogen

    Well, we named our first dog after that Dogen, and then I christened my first racing board (windsurfer) Dogen, and then my van license plates, and it just kind of cascaded from there. But who knows? Maybe the original wasn’t all that enlightened and he was forced to come back as me. Poor guy. ;-)