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Best of Berkeleyside: This week’s most popular posts

Gilman interchange plan

City staff say roundabouts on Gilman Street at I-80 will improve the interchange in several important ways. This draft design depicts, in white, the roundabouts and roadway that pass under the freeway at ground level. The green lines show the potential alignment of the bike and pedestrian route through the interchange. Image source: City of Berkeley

For anyone who has driven through it, it’s unsurprising that the most viewed post on Berkeleyside this week was the story on the city’s plans for the Gilman Street interchange. Plans for the dog’s breakfast of roads are currently in limbo because of the failure of Measure B-1 to pass last November. What’s clear from the comments to the story is that everyone hates the current arrangement, but plenty of people are skeptical that planned roundabouts will make safety and traffic flow much better.

Analyzing and understanding the city’s unfunded liabilities is something that everyone acknowledges is important, but it doesn’t get hearts racing like Gilman Street traffic or the closure of the Main Post Office. But this week the city released its first biennial report on liabilities, showing the scale of the problem, particularly for pensions and infrastructure.  … Continue reading »

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