Police arrest 5 in home-invasion robbery attempt

Police responded to a report of a home-invasion robbery on Saturday night. Image: Google maps

Police responded to a report of a home-invasion robbery on Saturday night. Image: Google maps

On Saturday night, Berkeley police arrested four men and one woman who tried to force their way into an inhabited bedroom on Allston Way in the downtown area, according to authorities.

Just before 10 p.m., police responded to a possible robbery in progress in an apartment in the 2100 block of Allston, near Shattuck.

Officer Jennifer Coats, police spokeswoman, said the group attempted to force its way into the bedroom of two males, then made threats and demanded the victims’ property. 

The victims were able to call 911 and Berkeley police responded to the home, said Coats, via email. The suspects fled without getting any property.

As they attempted to exit the building, police detained them.

During the officer’s subsequent investigation, police arrested all five people on suspicion of attempted robbery of an inhabited dwelling.

Police identified the members of the group as Jeremy Carter and Beatrice Lopez, both 28, of Berkeley; Amos Eaglebear, 22, of Berkeley; and Oakland residents Joshua Neal, 23, and Bernard Brown, 21.

Eaglebear also was arrested on suspicion of carrying a concealed dirk or dagger; he is being held with a bail of $30,000. The other four are each in custody with a bail of $10,000. They are being held in the Berkeley Jail.

All five are scheduled for arraignment Wednesday at 2 p.m. in Department 112 of the Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse in downtown Oakland.

Coats said she could not release photographs of the defendants.

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  • bgal4

    wow, what bullies and chicken ones at that, they roll in a mob of 5.

  • Biker 94703

    A concealed dirk m’lord? S’wounds!

  • guest

    Home invasions are particularly outrageous. So good the gang got caught. Thank you again, BPD.

    In retrospect it seems quite obvious, but all of these street robberies–taking off electronics and money off people–are fueled by drug addictions. Meth, heroin, crack. And this epidemic is taking place in every city and town.

  • The_Sharkey

    Since there’s only really one apartment building in that location, is it safe to assume that this happened at the Marsh Arts Building? (formerly Gaia Arts Building)?

    Never, ever open your door to someone you don’t know.

    Even if it’s just one person. Even if it’s just a kid. Even if you live in a supposedly “secure” building.

    It’s easy for groups of thugs like this to slip into buildings, and then when they target a residence they usually have one person knock at the door with a seemingly-innocent request while the rest of the group waits just outside the field of view of the peephole to rush the door when you open it.

    Jeremy Carter:

    Amos Eaglebear:

    Joshua Neal:

  • bgal4

    check out each of these guys past arrest dates, serial offenders.

  • The_Sharkey

    Not sure about the website, it was just the first one I found. But I don’t think this is the first offense for a few of these punks.

  • guest

    Home invaders also just break in.

  • bgal4

    agreed, all the more reason why BPD should release mug shots

  • The_Sharkey

    Yep. But no sense in making it easier for them by opening the door.

  • twillmonkey

    It seems like these men could be thought of as seasoned professional criminals. What is the process for putting them away for a while?

  • PragmaticProgressive

    Seriously. Dungeon master breaks bad…

  • bingo

    no ethics, no shame, no brains. really cherished citizens.

  • guest


  • Yeah…God forbid the the law abiding citizenry should actually know our resident scumbags on sight. Putting out mugshots would be a public safety service. Time for BPD to change its policy

  • I am refreshed that the aforementioned comments did not refer to these hoodlums as “youths,” “young men,” or “teenagers” as some tend to do. Thanks for calling thugs what they are.

  • Iceland_1622

    It happens at *every* level of society and in *every* occupation, including medicine, law enforcement, government and don’t get me started on big business or religion. These are not very bright generic throwaways, however there are twenty nine being born right now to replace them in just one square mile of Berkeley daily I am sorry to report. It just presents in more sophisticated ways in differing social and economic groups.

    A world of truly and authentically loved, understood and cared for children with mature and wise parents would make world of difference would it not? Until we course correct at the front end of the problem, this is not about to stop any time soon, but just become more vicious, brazen and yes lethal.

  • Home invasions are increasing rapidly. These thugs know that there is less of a chance getting caught burglarizing a home then robbing businesses.

    So stay safe, be vigilant, install deadbolts and keep alarm activated. If you don’t have an alarm system try the United States Security Company Directory ( for great affordable home security options.

  • Tizzielish

    I reiterate the advice not to open apartment doors. If you don’t face a home invasion, you can still get cheated.

    When I first moved into a downtown Berkeley apartment building, my doorbell rang regular with kids selling tickets for school fundrdaisings, or selling cookies for school fundraisers, or selling some junk I didn’t really want but which, initially, I bought to support what I imagined were neighbor kids in the building. Then I never got the cookies, or wrapping paper or whatever I had paid for. It was a scam, a way for kids to steal money.

    Then older kids started knocking, selling newspaper subscriptions — these older kids were slicker and had readyk answers to all my objections.

    Now, unless a friend has rung me to tell me they are at the front door of my building, I do not ever answer my apartment front door. I will never buy anything from a ‘sweet’ kid hustling me at my front door. If I am not expecting a friend, who has to notify me they are present to get up the elevator, whoever is knocking if not someone I know. So I NEVER answer my door when not expecting someone.

    And then there is this problem: many of the folks living in these downtown buildings let anyone in that asks. If someone tells me they need me to let them up the elevator, which will not stop at any floors without a security key, I say ” call the person you are visting and ask them to let you up” and I hear all kinds of good ‘reasons’ — she’s busy, she didn’t answer, let me up and I’ll wait up there for her”. I say if you friend is not home, you have no reason to be in this building.

    You wouldn’t belive how many of my neighbors tell me I am a bitch to not let strangers into the building. Even tho my building has had crime by folks conning their way up the elevator (without a security fob, the elevator doesn’t go up), many of my neighbors tell me I am a racist bitch for not letting strangers up in the elevator. It’s like people are morons and don’t get it: if someone is legitimately visiting someone in this building, that someone can let them in. If that someone is not home, it is flat wronog to let them in and wait in the halls. Virtually any time I refuse to let up a black person, they tell me I am being a racist bitch. I remain polite and point out that if they really are visiting someone, that someone can let them in. Few will listen to the rest of my comments, which include “if everyone lets anyone lurking in the lobby up into the residential floors, this building might as well be open to all comers and that invites home invasions and burglaries.” guys get in and go around looking for unlocked doors, and knocking on doors just like what this story reports. and still many of my neighbors in this building let anyone up. they say “he seemed so polite” and I say “if you were a criminal conning someone into letting you in, wouldn’t you be polite during the son?”

    There are bad folks in the world. Accept it. And use your building’s security. Anyone with a legitimate reason to be in your building can easily be admitted by the person they claim to be visiting.

  • Name

    “many of my neighbors tell me I am a racist bitch for not letting strangers up in the elevator”
    Black neighbors, I assume?

  • Tizzielish

    I suspect your assumption that I am white is racist but your guess is correct, I am white. I have had white neighbors tell me I am racist, fyi, and Asian ones, South Asian ones (people from India and part of Middle East are South Asian), Latinos, Africans from AFrica, AFrican Americans and white people.

    I don’t let anyone up I don’t know. The angriest responses to my refusal happen to have been from white middle aged men who, in separate incidents, were furious that I wouldn’t let them up. they loudly and angrily refused to get off the elevator, which prevented me from being able to go up cause they can ride toi my floor and then use the stairs so I ask them to step off. One guy sputtered and spit in his fury, demanding I let him in, insisting he was here to see his girlfriend. I calmly said “if you are here to see your girlfriend, step off the elevator and ring here and she can buzz you up” “Do you think I look like a criminal?” he red-facedly and angrily demanded. I said “If you were a criminaal, what would you look like? How would I know a criminal from someone else?”

    Recently, I had gone down to the lobby, cause one elevator was out and I could not buzz a scruffy homeless friend in so I had gone down to get him. He looks very obviously homeless and carries all his belongings. He was leaving his stuff in my apartment for a few hours. But when I let him on the elevator, a well dressed white man entered and told me what floor he wanted. I said “Please step off the elevator, I don’t know you and I don’t admit anyone I dont know.” The fancy suit guy was furious. He pointed to my homeless friend and said ‘You will let that up but not me? I am here to visit someone who lives here.” I said “Good, then you can call whoever you are visiting and ask them tok come down and let you up. This is myf riend, and yes, I am letting him up and not you.” This was particularly satisfying cause a black male neighbor stood silently in the elevator and respected my refusal. Many of my neighbors would have let the pushy white guy up. In fact, when the the wide guy who did step off (at least he did that) left, I thanked my black neighbor for not overriding my decision. He held up his hands in surrender and said “Oh no, no way I was going to interfere. You were in charge honey.” For once I felt respected for simply doing the right thing.

  • Stella

    I live in Piedmont. We have been subjected to about a dozen such home invasion robberies since Christmas. All have been by four males and one female get away driver. Have the Berkeley police been able to link this crew of five to our five thugs?