The Berkeley Wire: 02.27.13

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  • EBGuy

    Yikes, the state controllers report on salary, wages and benefits is required reading. You can go here to parse the data in new an exciting ways:

    The only city smaller than (or the same size as) Berkeley that spent more on Total Wages is Santa Monica (population: 90,174 ). But get this, Santa Monica has 31 city employees per resident versus Berkeley’s ratio of 77:1. How do they do it? Santa Monica’s average salary is $64k versuses Berkeley’s average salary of $84k.

  • Devin

    I think you meant 31 residents for each city employee, and why is this comment posted here? Thanks for the stat though, its a good one.

  • PragmaticProgressive

    Our retirement payout is nearly double that of other cities.

    And we have a departments and positions of questionable value and size.

  • bgal4

    Over hiring is a Berkeley mentality. Just got this note from a concerned community member:
    The disaster and fire safety commission voted last night to recommend
    hiring two employees (one in public health and one in emergency services) who would focus all their efforts on organizing for fire and disaster prep in the underserved areas of Southwest Berkeley. This is despite the fact that hiring these two employees will push the whole GG
    program into the red within three or four years.