Police find evidence of arrows shot in Berkeley Hills

Police say this arrow struck an 8-year-old girl at the Lawrence Hall of Science on Tuesday. Photo: UCPD

Police say this arrow struck an 8-year-old girl at the Lawrence Hall of Science on Tuesday. Photo: UCPD

Authorities handed out fliers and made multiple visits to neighbors near the scene of a shooting on Tuesday that sent an 8-year-old girl to the hospital with an arrow through her leg.

Janet Gilmore, a UC Berkeley spokeswoman, said Wednesday via email that there have been no updates or arrests in the investigation.

A flier dated March 26 that was handed out by members of the University of California Police Department included a photo of the arrow, described as a 20-inch crossbow arrow, that struck the girl.

According to the flier, the department has “received information from local residents that other arrows have been found in the area indicating that someone has been shooting in the vicinity in the recent past.” Police posted similar information online Wednesday.

The San Rafael girl, on a school field trip to the Lawrence Hall of Science from Marin County, had been playing on a fin whale model Tuesday morning when the arrow struck her.

ABC7 identified the girl as Nadine Hairston. Her mother, Alicia Hairston, told ABC: “She was sliding down the whale and she felt a shock in her left leg. So she jumped off and tried to run but she couldn’t run.”

Police said the girl was taken to Children’s Hospital in Oakland for surgery to remove the arrow, and that she’s expected to make a full recovery. As of Wednesday afternoon, said Gilmore, the girl had been released from the hospital.

According to ABC, police removed an arrow from a nearby backyard during their investigation Tuesday; it was one of several arrows found that day in the Berkeley hills near the science museum. [Update, 3:40 p.m.: Gilmore said none of the arrows that were found in the neighborhood Tuesday appear to match the arrow from the museum incident.]

Police were on scene Tuesday morning, but also returned later in the day to speak with residents who may have been at work during the morning.

“We checked with neighbors last evening but did not come up with any new significant leads,” Capt. Stephen Roderick of the University of California Police Department said Wednesday via email. Roderick said police were given other arrows, which had been found in back yards or nearby areas, when they spoke with residents. “Those arrows appeared over the last couple of months, but were not reported at the time and their origin is unknown. No archers or hunters were ever seen in association with them.”

Police ask anyone with information about this incident, or about people shooting arrows in the Berkeley hills, to call the UC Police Department at 510-642‑6760.

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[Editor’s Note: This story was originally published at 3:19 p.m. Its publication time was updated due to a technical problem.]

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  • 3rdGenBerkeleyan

    Shot from La Loma Park by a boy scout doing target practice on a Sunday…the arrow traveled so far it went into the next day… Monday Morning! Amazing what people can conjure up in their heads!

  • the Deer

    I would be well upset to find errant arrows in my backyard, as one or one’s pet might get shot, accidentally. Poor little girl!

  • juki

    Were they specifically shot in La Loma Park? What part of the Berkeley Hills?

  • anonymous

    does the arrow look familiar?
    profile pic for @zacinthecrack ; has cali tweeps but don’t know much else

  • publius curant

    found this profile pic for @zacinthecrack . arrow resembles above. has cali tweeps but don’t know much else. note: arrow probably common to crossbows but @zacinthecrack crossbow apparently new

  • 3rdGenBerkeleyan

    this is sarcasm because of a previous comment.

  • 3rdGenBerkeleyan

    i was being sarcastic they weren’t shot at La Loma not physically possible.

  • 3rdGenBerkeleyan

    you scare me!

  • xfiles

    Check out the x-ray on SF gate. Arrow appears to have entered right thigh from the back. If she was on the whale, facing forward, the whale body itself would have shielded an arrow from several angles to the east, and the cement wall around the whale to the west and south, but drawing a straight line in google earth with the ruler tool back ~1,500 feet from the west side of the whale gives a pretty limited field of where the arrow could have come from, if it was flying straight and not some kind of ricochet…I’m sure PD is already doing this with much better technology…

  • Daniel M

    We can’t discount the possibility of a second archer on the grassy knoll…

  • Chris

    Hmmm – that arrow does look really similar…

  • Iceland_1622

    Never assume this ‘higher intellect’ quotient when dealing with any police agency in general in the USA This is just high school with guns for the most part and they do not seek nor desire anything or anyone who thinks or questions anything and can “legally” turn applicants down for possession of anything near a higher IQ on the simple standard tests. Just think as they do, name address, phone number, handcuffs. Even when the FBI personality pro-filers prepare the best analysis composites for them most police departments nationwide just crumble it up and throw it away as they don’t understand it nor wish to read it. Until we transform that profession post a .pdf or link so we can all check the topography out as you mention as I wondered about this myself. Could it also have been a person in a vehicle in a parking lot up there? Any clear sight-lines with that issue. This was not a stray arrow. Crossbows are very deadly and are usually sighted for hunting. Any surveillance video of cars or people in that direct area. One would be amazed at the things one locates using enhanced video, however it requires specialized technology as most CCSC sensors are still very low resolution. This individual must be apprehended.

  • guest

    any evidence he goes to cal or is this a witch hunt?

  • Concerned Mother

    none of this is a joke….someone is out there with a crossbow shooting at people….Find the person who is doing this however you have to do it!

  • Che Joubert

    If I were you I would assume a ‘higher intellect’ for the police here in Berkeley. The approach taken here is far more intellectual than in most small cities. Sometimes I’d like to move for various reasons, but a short trip to the ‘new’ place I’m considering, along with a glance at the Trulia crime map there discourages me. So much petty tampering with the public, so many dumb busts, so many dumb traffic tickets – it isn’t perfect here but generally far better.

  • Somebody or many people must know something they aren’t telling. Where is the security cam video? Is the tribe protecting one of its own?