Cal men walk a mile in stilettos to support women


A march on Saturday in which Cal men walked in stiletto-heeled shoes for one mile was organized to call attention to women’s problems, such as domestic violence and sexual violence. Photo: Ted Friedman

Twenty members of Cal campus Latino organization Hermanos Unidos de Berkeley on Saturday marched in solidarity with the suffering of women by walking a mile in stiletto-heeled shoes.

“Now I  really know women bear pain pain better than men,” said Cal student Juan Carlos Rodriguez, 19.

According to event organizer Diana Lopez, 20, the men were joined on the march by female members of Hermanos. Many marchers returned to the student union building after the 40-minute trek, where food and drinks awaited them.

Stilettos 2

Food and drink were served to the walkers on the Cal campus after the march. Photo: Ted Friedman

Lopez said the march was organized to call attention to women’s problems, such as domestic violence and “sexualized violence based on women’s sex.” She called the event an “art-based event in which participants could fully engage.”

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  • leilah

    Brilliant — i.e., the “walk a mile in our shoes” part, not necessarily aligning fashion choice-related foot pain to domestic and sexualized violence against women (or anyone).

  • Jeffrey White

    Women CHOOSE to wear high heels because they think high heels make them look more attractive to men. Absolutely no one forces women to wear high heels…If men want to truly sympathize with women, men should donate 23% of their gross income to their employers. On the average, non-union women make 77% of what men so for the same work.

  • Che Joubert

    Where do I start. Women do not ‘choose’ to wear high heels. They try to believe high heels make them more attractive to men, because in fact they do. Well, not really more attractive, but more limited and inferior – which helps men feel attracted to women. They also wear far less clothing than men, for the same reason, and let me tell you, feel exposed and cold a lot of the time.

    The standard of manhood in the world is so phony yet so compelling, that if women weren’t made to live lives so clearly and wholly inferior to the lives of men, most men would not be interested in them. You will see as women make strides – and i hate to say this because I applaud honestly gay men for following their hearts and would not want to interfere with that – but you will see that as women make strides in the realm of professions and business, men will begin to pull away from them, using anything for an excuse. As I said – the standards of manhood are just so phony and overwhelming men could not bear women if they didn’t cheat in the game of life, and force women to live very painful lives in comparison to them. And too – the cheating, as you point out as well, includes paying themselves more for the same or less work. Btw – I use a nom de plume that sounds male but I am a female,

  • Tizzielish

    This story and any effort to show solidary for women wearing stilettos is so bizarre. I have been astonished in recent years to see ‘high heels’ getting higher and higher and to see women wearing them more and more and more. When I was in college in the early seventies, everyone wore flats except on dates and in law school, most females wore very low slung heels because in those days you didn’t seem professional (and some pig judges would kick women out of courtrooms if they didn’t wear heels — swear to god — I had had judges order me out of their courtrooms for wearing flats and/or pant suits but that was in the early eighties)

    Mellissa Somebody, a fat, brilliant female comedic actor, hosted Sat Night Live last week. Her opening monologue was a funny take on absurdly high shoes. As a comedy routine, okay, can live with high heels but young women today wear high spiked heels with jeans walking to class or just hanging out.

    There are a million ways society suppresses women. High heels is one of them. I just don’t get why any sane human would wear them. If some guy is not going to get hot for you cause you aren’t wearing idiot shoes, you don’t need his attention.

    And what’s wrong with these Latino men offering support for such an insane thing as high heels?

    the world keeps going crazier and crazier.

  • guest

    So much conjecture and opinion, so little basis in provable fact. Pop psychology balderdash.

  • BoE

    Another way women are suppressed by society is the constant labeling and criticism from OTHER women. Interesting that your immediate description of Melissa McCarthy is “fat” followed by “brilliant female comedic actor”. Why not just “brilliant comedic actor”?

  • falei oalei

    amazing stilettos