Crime narratives from the Berkeley Police, April 14-20

Berkeley police cruisers (file), April 2013. Photo: Emilie Raguso

Berkeley police cruisers on patrol, April 2013. Photo: Emilie Raguso

The following items represent just a sampling of calls, and were selected by the Berkeley Police Department unless otherwise noted. Click to see past narratives from police, and Berkeleyside’s most recent compilation of calls for service.

Sunday, April 14: A male was walking near Prince and King streets at 4:30 a.m. when another male ran up and punched him. The robber continued to batter the victim and also demanded his cell phone, which the victim turned over. The suspect fled the area. The robber is described as Asian or Samoan, 17 to 18 years old, and 5 feet 8 inches tall with a thin build. He was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and black pants.

Monday, April 15: Someone threw a bottle through the front window of an apartment, damaging the window, in the 2500 block of Hillegass Avenue just before 10 p.m.

Tuesday, April 16: A caller reported hearing possibly 30 loud reports near Oregon and Sacramento streets at 12:30 a.m. Officers checked the area but were unable to locate any victims or damaged property. 

Wednesday, April 17: A thief broke into a vehicle parked in the 400 block of Gilman Street sometime between 9:30 and 11 p.m. The victim had parked his vehicle in the parking lot next to a sports facility. When he returned he discovered that someone had broken one of the car windows and stolen a backpack holding the victim’s wallet, iPad and other items.

Thursday, April 18: At 2:35 p.m., a 19-year-old Berkeley woman was walking in the 2100 block of McKinley Avenue when a young man approached her from behind and tried to grab the cell phone she was carrying. “The victim and the suspect began to struggle,” said Officer Jennifer Coats, Berkeley Police spokeswoman, via email. “The suspect then pushed the victim down ripping the phone from her hand. The suspect fled the area.” Police caught up with the man and detained him on Milvia Street north of Channing. Through the subsequent police investigation, said Coats, the man was arrested on suspicion of robbery, and the victim’s property was recovered. Police identified the man as Tabias Brinson, 19, of Oakland. Brinson is being held at Santa Rita Jail on suspicion of robbery with a bail of $50,000.

Friday, April 19: A burglar who may have entered through an unlocked window stole a game console and other items from a home in the 1500 block of Rose Street between 8:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. The resident returned home and discovered his house had been burglarized.

Saturday, April 20: A thief stole a white 2000 Ford Econoline van between 6:30 and 9 p.m. from the 1800 block of Eastshore Highway. The victim had parked on Eastshore in front of his business. When he returned later, he discovered the vehicle was missing.

Monday, April 22: The University of California Police Department is investigating two reports of a suspicious person at the Foothill residential housing complex at 2700 Hearst Ave. On Monday, April 22, at 4:22 a.m., a female student was studying in the common area of her suite in La Loma Building 3. An unknown male, who appeared to be homeless, walked into the room, sat down on a couch, and started talking to the student. He seemed to be under the influence of something and was rambling about different things, said police. The victim noticed that the man’s hands had cuts on them and were bloody. The victim asked him about the cuts, but the man said he didn’t know anything about them and that he was high. The man got up and ran out of the room. The woman told UCPD she had seen the same man Saturday, April 20, at around 2 a.m. at the gate to the housing complex. At that time the man had asked her if he could use her phone. The man was described as a mixed-race male, possibly part Hispanic or black, 19 years of age, and 5 feet 6 or 5 feet 8 inches tall with an average build. He was wearing baggy beige pants, a grey sweatshirt and a long sleeved T-shirt, and smelled of dirty clothes and marijuana. UCPD asks anyone with information about the man, or who sees someone matching this description on campus,  to call 510-642-0472 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays, or 510-642-6760 at other times.

COMMUNITY SAFETY TIP: Personnel Safety Tips from the Berkeley Police

  • Walk with purpose: Project an assertive image that conveys you know where you are going.
  • Avoid isolation: Avoid uninhabited parks, parking lots, garages and alleyways; stick to well-lit, high-traffic areas.

The Berkeley Police Department includes this disclaimer: “Please note that these are Calls For Police Services (CFS) only and are subject to review and reclassification. Learn more about calls for service near specific locations with CrimeView Community and

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  • John Holland

    re: april 16. what is a “loud report”?

  • guest


  • bgal4

    Monday, April 15: Someone threw a bottle through the front window
    of an apartment, damaging the window, in the 2500 block of Hillegass
    Avenue just before 10 p.m.

    People’s park spill over.

  • bgal4

    as you probably know, it is possible gunshot or firework.

    Evidence of gunfire or firework in usually listed in the RMS details, otherwise they list it as unknown cause for the loud report

  • southberkeleyres

    Yet another instance of a cell phone robbery and beating in the neighborhood surrounding notorious M and H Liquor Store (Adeline Street) where one of the clerks was observed buying stolen cell phones on multiple occasions and arrested with over 20 phones in his possession. Shame on you M and H! Mayor Shirley Dean helped bring Brother’s Liquors come in front of the ZAB (Zoning Adjustment Board) and their use permit was pulled due to being a public nuisance.
    A friend observed a drunk being sold alchohol at M and H Liquors last night, later spoke to a cop who cited the same person for being drunk. I’m glad she took the time to report this to the Alcohol Beverage Control Board. We need more people to step up, put out the effort to get this place fined or closed down.
    Outside on the south wall the “Healthy Lifestyle” mosaic is a bizarre contrast to the liquor, cigarettes and junk food that are sold by the parasitic owners to the people who could sorely use some proper nourishment to nudge them towards a healthier lifestyle. Please city staff, councilmember Max, Mayor Bates: step up and do the right thing.
    Meanwhile we have loud reports, (usually means gunfire) near the infamous blighted Toler property. So many failures by those who fail to do their job or fulfill their duties.

  • Truth Sayer

    Question regarding the cell phone robbery. The suspect is only being charged with robbery. Since he knocked her down, shouldn’t he be charged with battery too? As, this was more than a snatch and run.

  • emraguso

    Since robbery involves force or threat of force it might be that the robbery charge kind of supersedes the other one, but I’m just guessing. I don’t think we have the capacity to follow up on this one.

  • Truth Sayer

    Force of threat of force is to use force. That I understand. But when you harm someone or attempt to harm them, then he should be charged with battery. We shall see.

  • bgal4

    send an email to the chief or your area commander and ask for clarification about the charging of robberies involving injury.

  • Truth Sayer

    Thank you. As, the trauma to victims, and the adverse affect to businesses due to thieves and robbers harms the community.

  • bgal4

    and thank you for caring about the rights of crime victims and the cultural issues that enable crime.