2 men shot at women in car on Telegraph Avenue

Police investigate the scene of a shooting near Telegraph Avenue and Channing Way in Berkeley, California, early Sunday, June 16, 2013. Photo by David Yee

Police investigate the scene of a shooting near Telegraph Avenue and Channing Way in Berkeley early Sunday, June 16. Photo: David Yee

New details have emerged about the incident early Sunday in which multiple gunshots were fired on Telegraph Avenue at Channing Way south of the UC Berkeley campus.

According to the University of California Police Department, two men, both described as black, fired guns at a vehicle being driven by a woman who had a female friend as her passenger as they passed through the intersection just after 12:30 a.m.

The women, who said their vehicle was struck several times, drove away from the scene and then contacted police. The women were not harmed during the incident.

Police searched the area. They did not find the suspects, but located a large number of bullet casings at the scene.

One of the men appeared to be 18-20 years old, and 5 feet 8 inches tall with a stocky build. He may have been wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt or a black t-shirt and jeans. The second man was described only as black with a dark complexion.

Shortly before the shots were fired, at around 11:50 p.m. Saturday, Berkeley police responded to a disturbance call regarding a party in the 2400 block of Warring. According to Berkeley Police Lt. Andrew Rateaver, there were large crowds at the party and police broke up fights there. Witnesses described party-goers milling about on the street and clambering over cars.

Police ask anyone with information about the incident to call the Berkeley Police Department at 510-981-5900.

Police investigate shooting on Berkeley’s Telegraph Avenue (06.16.13)

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  • bgal4

    Horrible, now women on targets, nothing is sacred to these lit’shits, shootings and killing at churches, memorials and now women.

  • bingo

    Horrifying. No respect for life at all (either their own or that of others). I know that Berkeley ins’t exactly Portland, Madison (or insert cheerful mid-sized town here) but this ins’t anything I ever expected when I moved here several years ago.

  • bgal4

    When I read this story my heart sunk as I was reminded of the recent killing of a young mom in front of her 4 year old child, April 25 near Children’s hospital.

    Shame on these young gun slinging punks.

  • guest

    Is it any more or less *-ist to decry the gender of the victims than it is to point out the race, gender or age of the perps?

    The problem lies with the broken cultural values of the black underclass. Parse that how you will, race is not the causal factor but clearly proximal. Whatever handle you want to give it, a segment of our society is broken beyond repair.

  • bgal4

    Broken beyond repair? gang culture is highly resistant to change but not sure if I agree with such a sad prognosis. I know people who have been shot and then changed their lives completely, it was fear of dying or prison that changed them.

    This 3rd or 4th generation of gangsters is reckless and without discipline, no boundaries, nothing is off limits. There is nothing sexist or racist in identifying who is involved or acknowledging that more women are now victims than even just a few years ago. The discussion on the other thread about this shooting was pathetically PC. Like so many negative social problems left to fester the pathology
    worsens and those involved continue the downwards spiral.

    Why do you think I criticize admin at BHS for its soft bigotry of lower expectations. We tried to open the dialog about guns and teenagers back in 2003 in the BHS PTSA newsletter, it was censored, I wrote about where Latino gangs hang out in the Parents of Teens blog in 2000, it was censored.

    Berkeley is not a very brave place in many respects.

    A family of gangsters finally moved out from our block about two weeks ago. It is dramatic how much quieter and less threatening it is without their presence.

  • JuiceJeasel

    Soothing thoughts and heartfelt prayers for these two women!

  • JuiceJeasel


  • JuiceJeasel

    Look at the Richmond High rape victim. She was even urinated on.

  • guest

    Increased inequality = increased crime.
    Low income housing = crime.

  • JuiceJeasel

    Lack of parenting = crime

  • 4eenie

    Criminal behavior = crime.

  • bgal4

    exactly. horrible disrespect for women.

  • kay

    Are you actually trying to sy tht women have never been targets before?

  • guest


  • bgal4

    No, but like churches, kids, memorials, OG used to frown on shooting at these targets. It has been over a decade that OG complain that YG are out of control, impulse challenged, and have no discipline or respect for playing by the rules.
    street rules that is.

    No sure what your attitude is about, it is pretty clear from the data that in the last few years more women have been victims of street violence than in the past.

    Do you read the Oakland Tribune, they do a good job of covering inner city gang violence.