Obama lauds Berkeley couple who fought Prop. 8 and won

Kris Perry and Sandy Stier are the Berkeley women who filed a legal challenge to Prop. 8. They first tried to marry in 2004 when then-San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom began issuing licenses. They are the parents of four boys.

Shortly after the Supreme Court released its ruling on Prop. 8 this morning, President Obama called the couple, who had been waiting at the court for the ruling, to congratulate them (see video above).

Kriss Perry and Sandy Stier

Kriss Perry and Sandy Stier

“The future of our country, the prosperity of our country lies in the enforcement of equality and fairness,” Perry told MSNBC. “That’s what brings us together as a country.

The Supreme Court issued two 5-4 rulings on same-sex marriage today. In one, they struck down the Defense of Marriage Act. In the other, they declined to hear the case concerning Prop. 8, leaving in place the trial court victory on the issue.

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Berkeley couple at center of same-sex marriage trial (01.11.10)

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  • irisandjules

    Congratulations! I am truly happy we are moving toward equality!

  • fran haselsteiner

    Yesterday was a big step back for civil rights, today there was a step forward.

  • emraguso

    Just saw a comment posted on Facebook by one of the couple’s sons — he wrote: “I can’t wait to walk my moms down the aisle. It has been a terrific journey, and I look forward to marriage equality reaching every state. Love was put on trial, and love won today.” So sweet!

  • Markh

    Yahoo! Thanks, Kriss and Sandy, for your courage and fortitude.

  • LindseyJ

    Today my friend’s 10(!) y/o son said “Mom, this means you and mama can file joint tax returns now!”