Police seek help finding Berkeley man wanted for assault

Martin John

Wanted: John Anthony Martin, 33, of Berkeley

The Berkeley Police are asking  for the community’s help in locating John Anthony Martin, 33, of Berkeley, who is wanted in connection with a sexual assault incident.

On Sunday, June 23 at approximately 9:30 a.m. a suspect entered a multi-unit residential building in the 2400 block of Piedmont Avenue. The suspect prowled through several rooms. During this time, the victim was asleep in her room. The suspect entered the room finding the victim in bed.

The suspect touched the victim in an inappropriate manner causing her to wake up. Finding the suspect in her room the victim started to yell. The suspect then fled the building.

Through a subsequent investigation, the suspect has been identified as Martin who is described as being 6’6” tall, 280 pounds with brown hair and hazel eyes.

The police advise members of the community to not approach Martin. Should you see him, immediately call 911. If you have information on his whereabouts or the investigation please contact the Sex Crimes Detail at 510-981-5735 or the non-emergency line at (510) 981-5900. If a person wishes to remain anonymous, he/she can call Bay Area Crimes Stoppers (BACS) at (800) 222- TIPS (8477).

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  • John Holland

    Wow, that photo is right out of central casting! I wonder if its the same “John Anthony Martin” who was arrested for a strong arm robbery back in 2004. He sounds like someone who lacks basic life skills.

    It’s unsurprising that he can’t find someone to have sex with him voluntarily. I wonder if he grew up in Berkeley? If so, congratulations to the Martin family!

  • donkey

    Please delete this offensive comment.

  • John Holland

    Hurray for censorship! But thanks for considering the feelings of an accused sex offender!

  • Tizzielish


  • John Holland

    which would explain his disappearance.

  • JuiceJeasel

    Prayers for the victim!

  • gwumpycat

    Wow! What a creeper! Grody beard dude!!

  • John Holland

    Please do not delete this offensive comment.

  • guest


  • PragmaticProgressive

    The suspect touched the victim in an inappropriate manner causing her to wake up.

    I don’t think there are any “appropriate” ways to touch a victim.

  • guest

    Here’s the offensive part” “I wonder if he grew up in Berkeley? If so, congratulations to the Martin family!”

    The accused actions may have absolutely nothing to do with his family. Sure hope that if someone in your family is ever accused of a crime you are not immediately blamed for that person’s behavior.

  • BBnet3000

    How about shaking hands or tapping someone on the shoulder to get their attention?

    Theres plenty of appropriate ways to touch people. If someone is touched in a way that constitutes a crime, then they are described as the victim of that crime.

  • guest

    It’s hard to imagine someone breaking into and ransacking one’s home then tapping them on the shoulder and offering to shake their hand.

  • PragmaticProgressive

    Since the sentence describes her as a “victim,” then the contact was, a fortiori inappropriate.

  • George Sherston

    Berkeley might be the only place in the world where people can argue in the comments section of a story about someone wanted for assault.

  • Truth Sayer

    Considering that she was in her room, and he was a stranger, your reply hit it out of the ball park..

  • Truth Sayer

    All BPD has to do is offer a reward. even a Starbucks gift certificate. Someone would tell on him

  • Douglas H Finley

    Hmm, 6’6, 280lb & a face like that. Shouldn’t be too hard to find. His defense shyster will need to have him take acting lessons to lose the sadistic, sneering expression.