Berkeley’s Sundays On Telegraph event gains momentum

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The Juggler’s Cooperative perform at SoTelegraph on Sunday July 7. Photo: William Newton

After a slow start, Sundays On Telegraph, a new weekly event launched in June that sees a stretch of Berkeley’s most famous street closed to traffic for a day, saw an uptick on July 7.

Bill Newton, who took some of the photographs shown here, said he saw a nice turnout when he dropped by yesterday. “A nice friendly crowd with probably 12-15 vendors, a couple of musical groups playing and some wonderful jugglers and unicycle basketball players!” he wrote.

The first few Sundays On Telegraph drew small numbers, as reported by Berkeleyside. Local merchants and organizers said cloudy, and even rainy, weather may have been partly responsible for the initial minimal visitor turnout. Janet Klein, who serves as coordinator and liaison between the Telegraph Business Improvement District and the office of Mayor Tom Bates, said last week it was a “work in progress.”

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SoTelegraph attracted more people on Sunday July 7 than on previous Sundays. Photo: William Newton

SoTelegraph closes off two blocks of Telegraph Avenue, from Durant Avenue to Haste Street from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. every Sunday. It runs through September 27. There are street vendors, music, and other activities on offer. The initiative is an attempt by the City of Berkeley, and Mayor Tom Bates in particular, to revamp the area as a cultural destination — one of many ideas that have been proposed over the years — particularly during the time of year when most Cal students have left town.

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A crowd watches a juggler on Telegraph Avenue on July 7. Photo: Ted Friedman

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  • M.E. Lawrence

    The sun helped a lot during the last two Sundays, and yesterday’s live music was especially talented.

    Am not sure about the licensing/regulatory aspect of this, but I wish more shopkeepers would set up sidewalk or street tables.

  • Emily

    My husband and I had a fun time a few weeks ago at Sundays on Telegraph even though it was raining and not crowded. We shopped at some of our favorite places: Moe’s, Amoeba, The Melt and Cream (that was a first, the line was not so bad that day!). We’ll be back for another Sunday!

  • Berkeley resident

    Had a lot of fun there today until a drugged out kid threw a Cream sandwich at my 6 year old and swore and screamed at my two year old, and not a cop in sight, come on its a great event but could the city provide some oversight?