Breaking: Man shot and killed on Derby Street in Berkeley

Police are investigating the second homicide of the year on the 1800 block of Derby Street, just west of Martin Luther King Jr. Way

Police are investigating the second homicide of the year on the 1800 block of Derby Street, just west of Martin Luther King Jr. Way

Police are on the scene investigating a homicide on the 1800 block of Derby Street in Berkeley, just west of Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

The police began to receive multiple calls reporting gunshots at 6:52 p.m. Wednesday night. When they arrived on the scene a man was found down on the sidewalk with several gunshot wounds. He was transported to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The Berkeley Police Investigation team has closed off Derby Street between MLK and Grant.

No information about the victim or possible suspects is being released at this time.

We will provide updates on this story as we get them.

The killing is Berkeley’s second homicide of the year. On Feb. 4 Zontee Jones was shot on Delaware Street just west of San Pablo Avenue. Jevon Calland has been charged with murder in that case.

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  • Dave Evans

    That’s the second gunshot homicide on Derby Street between MLK and Sacramento in the last 8 months. Scary and tragic.

  • Jane Superstar

    I live at Ward and Acton and there were BPD cars parked at 3 of the 4 corners around 1 p.m. today. I also noticed a lot of patrol cars driving around yesterday.

  • bgal4

    Very few witnesses, little information, victim was a black male, resident thought he looked to be in early 30s, gunshot to the forehead with grey matter spilling out.

  • guest

    Perp statistically almost guaranteed to be black male. Epidemic of black on black violence continues in America.

  • 4eenie

    The Berkeleyside Facebook post has a comment that says RIP Thurgood. Looks like someone could identify the victim.

  • bgal4

    Don’t tell the protesters in Oakland still looking for the white boogey man.

  • James Doyle

    Not surprised. There is always a group of young guys selling drugs on the corner.

  • b gal too

    really? thanks for the unnecessary graphic details.

  • bgaltoo

    let’s keep ignoring it. seems to be working well.

  • bgal4

    really….you never watch R rated film or tune in CSI one of the most popular tv programs I avoid,
    actually the details rhe community member share were even more graphic, I soften it, so in your view describing factually what a resident on Derby experienced tonight requires modifying the facts for your level of comfort.

  • star calland

    Jevon calland has not been charged with murder he is completely innocent the police. Just wanna make themselves look good to the community but their really not because they arnt getting the real criminals

  • emraguso

    We have a court document dated June 19 in which Jevon was apparently charged, or scheduled to be charged, on suspicion of murder and conspiracy. But I also see that he’s scheduled for arraignment July 25, so I’m not sure what the process has been. We can check with the DA’s office and see what’s going on. Do you know more?

  • Guest

    BPD nowhere to be found until after the fact

  • Bekah

    There was another homicide on Derby St w/in the last year?!

  • guest

    You could have stopped with gun shot to the forehead.

  • bgal4

    this is my neighborhood and represents the experiences we are traumatized by. The brutal facts matter to me, I would argue that by minimizing the horror you are enabling it.

    you might want to check out the photos in the major papers yesterday graphically depicting the Indian children dead from tainted food.