Ian McKellan, Patrick Stewart, Billy Crudup are in town


Sir Ian McKellan: currently in Berkeley. Photo: Sarah Dunn

Berkeley is hardly celebrity-ville, so a little star-gazing of the Hollywood variety can be forgiven once in a while.

This week, a cluster of well-known actors is in town thanks to the Berkeley Rep which is bringing us Harold Pinter’s No Man’s Land directed by Sean Mathias during the month of August.

Turns out two of the stars who will be gracing our local stage — Sirs Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart — are tweeters. And they appear to be quite excited about being in Berkeley.

Earlier today, Stewart (@SirPatStew — 510,145 followers) gave our city some love — big-time: “How very pleasant Berkeley is, climate, architecture, landscape, FOOD. We should all be so lucky to live here,” he tweeted.

The Star Trek: Next Generation star is also tweeting photos, including of the Rep’s rehearsal space, and a photo of Sir Ian kneeling on the sidewalk in downtown Berkeley next to the paving stone that marks the spot where Janis Joplin was arrested in 1963.


Sir Patrick Stewart: loving Berkeley. Photo: Robert Ascroft

McKellan (@IanMcKellan, self-described “actor and activist”) has been enthusiastically retweeting Stewart and helping to promote the show, encouraging people to follow @TwoPlaysInRep on Twitter and pointing his 448,805 followers to a video of Mathias discussing No Man’s Land.

No Man’s Land also stars Shuler Hensley who is, shall we say, a sporadic user of Twitter (@shuhen, 105 followers, and only 19 tweets since he opened the account in December 2009) was also clearly looking forward to his East Bay sojourn. “Off to the ‘Left Coast’ and Berkeley Rep.!! It will b nice to get on stage!” he tweeted on July 14.

Crudup, while closer to the tech generation in age than his two knighted co-stars, doesn’t appear to be a tweeter. More’s the pity.

No Man’s Land runs Aug. 3-31 at Berkeley Rep. Visit Berkeley Rep online for for details.

Ian McKellan, Patrick Stewart coming to Berkeley Rep (04.23.13)

To find out about more events in Berkeley and nearby, visit Berkeleyside’s Events Calendar. It’s a post-your-own calendar so we also encourage you to submit your own events.

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  • Bill N

    Going on the 4th!!

  • guest

    Who is Billy Crudup?

  • EarlyMorningCoffee

    He’s been in about 40 or so low budget, straight to beta movies. Oh, and he was almost an extra in Sharknado.

  • EarlyMorningCoffee

    I need to see this!

  • EarlyMorningCoffee


  • Hyper_lexic

    He was also Dr. Manhattan in the Watchmen, which isn’t quite low budget…

  • Hyper_lexic

    You’ll need to subscribe to the next season to buy the tickets.

  • Hyper_lexic

    ‘Very pleasant’ isn’t exactly the most inspiring endorsement of our fair city!

  • 4eenie

    Let me google that for you. :)

  • PragmaticProgressive
  • PragmaticProgressive

    “almost an extra in Sharknado” — priceless.

  • 4eenie


  • EarlyMorningCoffee

    Wrong! I just bought tickets for the 29th. Stool seating, but still….

  • Hyper_lexic

    No kidding – glad they opened it up!

  • EarlyMorningCoffee

    29th is now sold out, but a few more tix (for other dates) are available. The lady that bought tickets right before me got a stool seat for opening night. That was the last available one.

  • kimbav

    He’s an excellent actor who was also in several great films and theater productions, as well as a voice actor. Big Fish, Stage Beauty, Princess Mononuke, Public Enemies, Waking the Dead….just to name a few.

  • kimbav

    By the time you’re 73, you’ll probably realize that “very pleasant” is in fact quite the ringing endorsement of something.

  • Alina