Shooting on Dohr Street in Berkeley sends man to hospital

Police have not released any suspect information from a shooting near San Pablo Park on Monday night. Image: Google Maps

Police have not released any suspect information from a shooting near San Pablo Park on Monday night. Image: Google Maps

A 20-year-old Berkeley man was shot near Sacramento and Ward streets on Monday night, police said Wednesday afternoon.

Monday at approximately 7:05 p.m., the Berkeley Police Department responded to the area of Oregon and Dohr streets following a report of a single gunshot, said Officer Jennifer Coats, Berkeley Police spokeswoman, via email.

Coats said officers looked around the area but couldn’t find a victim. Later that night, however, a local hospital informed the department that a gunshot victim had come into the emergency room to seek treatment.

Police spoke with the victim, who said the shooting had taken place in the 2700 block of Dohr, near Ward Street. He had been walking on the sidewalk when someone fired toward him, possibly from a vehicle. The victim received a non-life-threatening injury, and was able to take himself to the hospital.

Coats said the investigation is ongoing, and that police do not believe it was a random event. The shooter’s identity was described as “unknown,” and police did not release a physical description.

Much of Berkeley’s gun violence in recent years has taken place on or near Sacramento Street. In December, a woman was killed just blocks away, near Derby, in a shooting that remains unsolved. On March 29, 24-year-old Devin Lee Whitmore was shot near Stuart and Sacramento, right outside Bob’s Liquors. Nineteen-year-old Berkeley resident Calvester Houston Stewart was charged with his murder, but was later found unfit to stand trial. On March 26, police investigated a shooting at Sacramento near Russell.

In December 2011, five men got into a gunfight on Sacramento near Woolsey, less than a mile south of the most recent shooting; two people were later arrested in connection with that incident.

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  • bgal4

    George Zimmerman is responsible!

  • Tim

    Wow, somebody gets shot and you make that tasteless comment. What’s even lamer is that people actually gave it a thumbs up. Good one.

  • bgal4

    Hand-wringing is the standard response to shootings/ homicides in Berkeley. Yet a Florida self defense case gets the attention of the national media, Congress, the president and is discussed in the press daily for over 16 mths. Why? because the shooter is allegedly white.

    I lived near Sacramento St for 35 years, and spent many years organizing our monthly crime prevention meetings and trying to work with city towards substantive change. From my vantage point the cryptic comment was neither tasteless or lame, perhaps over your head though.

  • irisandjules

    They way one sees and understands things depends on where they live – my view has changed a lot since moving to the Wild West – SW Berkeley. My European and Boston perspective were quite different than what my perspective is now – and it’s still different from when I first lived in Elmwood.

  • Guest

    Brava! You speak the truth.

  • gwumpycat

    No description of the shooter?

  • George Sherston

    Maybe neither tasteless nor lame but certainly pointless. It’s yet another in an increasingly tiresome stream of angry, cynical and oft times provocative comments from bgal4. Even her subsequent response does nothing to further a discussion. She is adept at the cheapshot and the easy barb. While claiming to be involved in community service she positions herself on Berkeleyside to be divisive. Whether slamming an outgoing BUSD counselor (much to that counselor’s amusement and subsequent delight for all the well wishes and messages of support it garnered her) or conflating a Berkeley homicide to the tragedy of an unarmed young man being slain in Florida, her raison d’etre seems to be as local yap dog. She is a constant source of obnoxious noise and is never thoughtful. Sometimes this noise seems like thinly veiled racism as evidenced by her Zimmerman-related comments and constant references to a thug culture among African Americans. One hopes that she could put her obviously considerable energy into advocating specific positive actions instead.

  • guest

    totally tasteless comment!

  • Bill N

    Well said.

  • Guest

    No claiming needed, “George.”
    bgal4 has a long history of helping organize her community and fight violence in Berkeley for decades.

    You, on the other hand, just have a short history of being a pest.

  • Guest

    Hundreds of people show up to take part in Berkeley & Oakland protests about the Zimmerman case.
    But when it comes to violence in our own community, they are silent and just look the other way.

    Misplaced priorities of ignorant sheep.

  • bgal4

    “One hopes that she could put her obviously considerable energy into advocating specific positive actions instead.”

    The result of my obviously considerable UNPAID work resulting in tangible reforms specifically to school safety, truancy, and neighborhood crime reduction. Your ignorance of those results does not change the facts.

  • guest

    To Whom It May Concern:

    If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

  • bgal4

    Absolutely, where you sit is where you stand.

    One of the most satisfying results of challenging the status quo and making the distinction between thug culture and AA culture is to see the freedom young folks of all colors enjoy in our neighborhood now that the corners are not controlled by thugs and gangsters.

  • LesterOwen

    Hardly seems like a “pest” to me. I think he made a good point which is more than bgal4 has ever done.

  • Andrew D

    What Bgal4 does, as well as other posters around here that I find annoying, is to make off the cuff, as you say, “angry, cynical, and oft times provocative comments” and then have the audacity to not only fail to expect that their vague outbursts might be interpreted differently than they may have been intended, but to take offense that random strangers reading their public statements do not somehow have magical powers that would have allowed them to know the entire history and resume of said poster that informed their quip. So even when there is some real point to what they are saying, you don’t actual get to hear it until the angry responses that slowly fill in the back story. I don’t know if it’s laziness, ignorance or baiting, but it certainly is annoying.

  • guest

    They are bullies, Andrew D. It’s quite ironic.

  • PragmaticProgressive

    Shoo, Tom.

  • guest

    Confused bullies.

  • Marion

    You make some great points. I think this could have been a forum for a constructive discussion. I think bgal4’s decision to lead with the irrelevant and provocative comment on Zimmerman was a mistake that diverted the conversation.

  • bgal4

    “but to take offense that random strangers reading their public statements do not somehow have magical powers”
    1. what offense??? did not happen
    2. magical powers?? No, but I do expect a sophisticated, highly educated audience to be able to decipher a provocative comment exposing hypocrisy

  • bgal4

    the people digging themselves into a hole,grave would be more accurate, are the young men shooting each other. Last night in the same area at least 3 shots were fired around 11:30, I hope no random innocent people were hit.