In Berkeley: Yarn bombing evolves into bark bombing


A Eucalyptus tree on the Claremont Canyon fire trail is enveloped in woven bark. Photo: Mark Humbert

Mark Humbert and Karin Evans were walking along the path leading up Claremont Canyon when they spotted this new art form: bark bombing. Some industrious soul had woven strips of bark into a mat and hung it up on a tree. The artist inscribed the name of the piece into one of the strips: “Always Around You.”

Will bark bombing be the new yarn bombing, a practice that took off in Berkeley over the past few years? What lasts longer, yarn or bark?

Photos by Mark Humbert

Photo: Mark Humbert

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  • bingo

    that’s extremely cool. Berkeley could use a few Andy Goldsworthy types roaming around. my only issue with yarn bombing was what happens after ineluctable weather and decay make it foul–this has none of those issues.

  • andrew johnson

    The only good Euc is a dead Euc… weaving a thatched skirt around one, made from its exfoliated skin, does little to improve the blight visited upon our regional hills.

  • guest

    Exactly, after it burns there’s nothing left

  • Tatara Siegel

    Thank you for the article. It was made with love.
    Tatara Siegel

  • Biker 94703

    I hate non-native bark bombing.