Berkeley Police make arrest in August murder

Photo: Krishna Ferreira, via Facebook

Photo: Krishna Ferreira, via Facebook

Berkeley Police detectives have arrested a San Leandro man in connection with the shooting death of Dustin Bynum in August, authorities said Wednesday.

On Tuesday, police arrested 23-year-old Krishna Ferreira on suspicion of murder, according to a notice released by the Berkeley Police Department on Wednesday evening.

Bynum was killed Aug. 1 outside Bing’s Liquors on San Pablo Avenue. Police said patrol officers responded to multiple reports of shots fired, with a man down in the 1800 block of San Pablo Avenue.

Officers who arrived found Bynum, 24, suffering from gunshot wounds. He was taken to a local hospital by the Berkeley Fire Department, but eventually was pronounced dead.

In the alert released Wednesday, Officer Jennifer Coats, police spokeswoman, said detectives have been gathering evidence and pursuing leads in relation to the case since August.

“Detectives developed information implicating Ferreira as a suspect in Bynum’s murder
and an arrest warrant was sought,” she wrote. “Ferreira was located and arrested by the Berkeley Police Department in San Leandro.”

The case has been forwarded to the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office for charging. Ferreira is scheduled for arraignment Sept. 12 at 2 p.m. at the Wiley Manuel Courthouse in downtown Oakland. He remains in custody without bail at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin.

Coats said no further information could be released “in the interest of maintaining the integrity of this investigation.”

According to Krishna Ferreira’s Facebook page, he was a member of Berkeley High’s class of 2008, and later studied at Diablo Valley College.

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  • B2B

    Good job Berkeley Police! Now, let’s get more high-def cameras and lighting on that corner!!!!

  • oceanview neighbor

    Has this homicide been suggested to be gang-related? Because this dude being from San Leandro makes me think maybe not.

  • emraguso

    We will ask.

  • emraguso

    Very quick response from BPD: “It was a family disturbance. One party was taken to the hospital for medical evaluation.”

  • Woolsey

    Are you on the job 24/7? It’s more than we deserve!

  • emraguso

    I just work the late shift. :) Thanks!

  • Adornowest

    Wow. Thanks for finding out — and so quickly!

    That must have been one hell of a “family disturbance.”

  • Berkeleyfarm

    Hooray to Emilie for answering!
    You can also find out by contacting the BPD area coordinator for your area – info available on the BPD web site.

  • B2B

    Article says he graduated BHS in 2008, so even if he lives in San Leandro now, he certainly has ties to Berkeley.

  • Truth Sayer

    A machine gun? Possibly, was it a rifle or shotgun? Police are not equipped with them. But if they confiscated one, that is great. As, the potential for mass causalities wold be great,

  • Chris

    Most importantly, we need more officers on the streets. We have barely over 150, and we need 200!

  • oceanview neighbor

    Did BPD respond to the gunfire?

  • bgal4

    Yes, casing found. I contacted BPD asking about how they would be monitoring the area over the weekend.

  • oceanview neighbor

    What was their response to your question, if any?

  • bgal4

    Realistic, as the former chair of the NA we have a productive relationship. Happy to speak with you offline, contact Emily for my phone number.

  • Guest

    One of these, perhaps?:

    A less-lethal crowd control weapon, using compressed air to fire sort of beanbaggy/paintballish rounds. Unpleasant to get hit with, but far better than being shot with a gun.

  • bgal4

    All police depts use assault rifles as needed, and even still they are outgunned by higher power weapons and armor piercing bullets used by criminals.

  • Truth Sayer

    It’s hard to tell, as circular as in shaped like a quarter moon, or a round drum magazine? Either way, it’s probably an assault rifle; which many can be converted to fire fully automatic when buying a kit. Sadly, gun manufacturers can easely make guns that can not be converted to fully automatic with a slight modification, but they don’t.