Berkeley City Council’s Nov. 19 meeting: The highlights

Opponents of a Starbucks planned for 3001 Ashby packed last night's City Council meeting. Photo: Natalie Orenstein

Opponents of a Starbucks planned for 3001 Telegraph packed last night’s City Council meeting. Photo: Natalie Orenstein

Berkeley City Council last night unanimously voted to refer the appeal of a Zoning Adjustments Board decision on a Starbucks at 3001 Telegraph Ave. to a public meeting. But before that debate, there was plenty of other action in the council chambers. We’ve Storified what happened so you can follow the action. Read on.

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  • Chris Gilbert

    It’s too bad that these types of posts can’t be done from earliest down to latest rather than latest at top since we usually read downwards. Or that there is not a sorting mechanism.

  • I’m puzzled, Chris. It does run from earliest to latest as I see it.

  • Alina

    This is the first time I hear of Laura’s Law in Berkeley. Any background info? Has BS covered it before?

  • emraguso

    Yes, it reads chronologically…

  • andrew johnson

    One small correction, please… the Council voted 9-0 to move the BNA appeal of the 5-4 ZAB vote on the Starbucks AUP to a Public Hearing – that’s a capital P and a capital H, just like City Planning Director Eric Angstadt explained to the Mayor.

  • bgal4

    The authorized a pilot with 5 participants, as you probably can guess a program for 5 is costly and insufficient to surmising results from, 5 is a focus.

  • bgal4

    I let you do your own fact checking and correction.

  • guest

    Consider the record corrected for the benefit of others, then.