In Berkeley: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow


All photos: Nancy Rubin

You knew it was cold, but did you know there was snow in Berkeley? At least there was at the Gourmet Ghetto’s annual Snow Day on Sunday. Berkeleyside contributing photographer Nancy Rubin stopped by and captured a lot of children — and a fair few adults — having a lot of fun.

snow2 snow3 snow4 snow5 snow6 snow7 snow8

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  • loop18

    the kids’ delight is captured so beautifully.

  • Bruce_Mc

    There were a lot of people attending when I dropped by. This is looking like a very successful event, congratulations to the organizers. I’m only half joking when I suggest valet parking for strollers would be a good idea! :-)

    It seemed like there was less snow this year, but maybe it just looked that way because there were more people. I like having this where it is on Shattuck, but if it gets much more crowded they may need to move to some place in West Berkeley where there is more space.

  • serkes

    And a hot “cold” tip – get there earlier when the place is packed, but not the snow.


  • emraguso

    Adorable photos, Nancy!