The most adorable photos you’ll see today: Paws to Read

Photo: Nancy Rubin

Photo: Nancy Rubin

Seriously, the Paws to Read program at the Berkeley Public Library’s North Branch is inspired. Those dogs really do seem to be listening to the kids reading to them — from appropriate books, of course, like Stick Dog Wants a Hot Dog and Bones and The Dog Gone Mystery — and the children practice oral fluency, spend time with a friendly dog, and have fun.

The program, which runs weekly for kindergarten through 5th-grade kids, sees children reading aloud to a gentle dog provided by TherapyPets, a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization based in Oakland.

Berkeleyside contributing photographer Nancy Rubin dropped by on Tuesday this week to capture the event.

The library says the goal is to help build a child’s self-esteem and confidence, as well as foster a fondness for reading. We just say, “Awww.”

Photo: Nancy Rubin

Photo: Nancy Rubin

Photo: Nancy Rubin

Photo: Nancy Rubin

Children read in the company of dogs at Berkeley Library (02.07.13)

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  • LS

    OMD: the headline is right — adorable. The pup in the first photo is actually following along. Super sweet.

  • Pamela Fanning

    What a great idea to make reading more fun for children. Thank you Nancy Rubin for these pictures which so beautifully capture the human-animal bond.

  • Bishop George Berkeley

    Has anyone checked to see if it’s legal to publish this much cuteness in one location? I’m seriously concerned. How many stories about shootings will you have to run now, just for editorial balance?

  • Joaquin

    In addition to fostering a “fondness for reading” these kids will learn early to respect other living creatures. And, to quote Charlie Brown, “Life is better with a dog.”

  • leslie martin

    Terrific program and so evocatively captured by Nancy Rubin! (Along w/ the sweet pix of kids and pooches, I love the classy patch of azur/teal one of the little guys sports in his hair.

  • Doug F

    I’ve done that, with the neighbor’s adorable Samoyed. It works well, since the dogs are picked for being sociable & friendly.

  • Alex

    Awwww is right. So cute and the program has to be so wonderful for the kids to build confidence, appreciate books, and have a positive interaction with an animal.

  • Deena

    Great opportunity for the kids and dogs alike! Looks like everyone is having a great time.

  • FishermanBob

    Berkeleyside’s photographers always seem to capture the story!