Hallelujah! Prepare for a wet weekend in Berkeley

Rainy day dream away

Rain, rain, don’t go away: Berkeleyans will mostly be welcoming the rain that is forecast for this weekend. Photo: Pete Rosos

Steady coastal rains and heavy mountain snows are expected in Northern California throughout the weekend, with a high likelihood of rain in Berkeley through Sunday.

Showers began earlier this week. According to the National Weather Service, “Persistent onshore flow will keep conditions unsettled” across the Western United States through the weekend.

As the NWS put it: “Waves of energy aloft…combined with favored orographics…will help produce significant totals along the Oregon/California coastal ranges as well as the Sierra Nevada.”

Much of the precipitation inland is expected to fall as snow, causing “impressive snowfall totals over some of the higher terrain.”

Weather is expected to clear up a bit next week, partly sunny days projected through Thursday.

With California facing its driest conditions on record, the state is struggling to manage existing resources in the face of a severe drought. Even with the heavy rains expected this weekend, much more moisture is needed to mitigate the crisis facing the state.

The East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) board said at a meeting in late January that it would make a decision Feb. 11, this coming Tuesday, about what sort of water-related cutbacks the public might face as a result of the drought.

According to the Contra Costa Times, the board said the delay would provide enough time to better understand “available supplies from its primary water source, the Mokelumne River, and an emergency supply from the Sacramento River.”

East Bay MUD provides drinking water for 1.3 million customers in Alameda and Contra Costa counties, according to its website.

Wet bicycles at a rack in Berkeley. Photo: Marc Zuo

Wet bicycles at a rack in Berkeley. Photo: Marc Zuo

The forecast for Berkeley

Friday: In the afternoon, a 40% chance of rain. Cloudy, with a high near 57. South southwest wind 5 to 11 mph. Friday night: Rain. Low around 51. South southeast wind 14 to 16 mph, with gusts as high as 21 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%.

Saturday: Rain. High near 60. South southeast wind 11 to 15 mph, with gusts as high as 20 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. Saturday night: Rain. Low around 52. South wind around 11 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%.

Sunday: Rain. High near 61. South southwest wind 10 to 13 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%. Sunday night: Showers likely. Cloudy, with a low around 49. Chance of precipitation is 60%.

Berkeleyside invites readers to share photographs of this weekend’s wet weather via email at tips@berkeleyside.com.

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  • disqus_S1ql48Vi9i

    nice photo!

  • guest

    The National Weather Service forecast discussion is updated several times daily and is an excellent tool for helping plan your day & any outdoor activities:

  • Nancy

    Pete: You beautifully captured the day.

  • Chris J

    I got a flat tire in the rain on Friday, had to walk with groceries in the rain toward home, stopped at Cafe Trieste for a coffee and realized I’d left my bag at the Bowl. Took the bus back there, bussed back to home, spent a few hours blissfully baking, and then walk to 4th Street for more items for the night’s dinner.

    Lots of exercise, good. Wetness…much as I love the rain, hell. We gotta get a car.

  • dwss5

    I find it highly ironic that whatever rain we get in the Bay Area over the next week or so (including that of this weekend), there will STILL be pessimists loudly claiming how dire our water situation remains amidst California’s current drought!

  • Charles_Siegel

    Do you have a full rain suit? I spend 7 years commuting by bicycle. On rainy days, I wore a Gore-Tex rain suit and galoshes, and I was perfectly dry when got to work.

    I used to commute through Aquatic Park to Emeryville. On one very rainy day, the path in Aquatic Park was flooded with a couple of inches of water, and ducks were swimming on it. As I bicycled through, the ducks flew off in all directions. It was a great experience.

    The way to work was slightly downhill until I got to Aquatic Park. The way back was slightly uphill, and I did get a bit moist from perspiration (not from rain) by the time I got home, even though the Gore-Tex is breathable.

  • Chris J

    I’ve gone that route in the past–wearing a full rainproof top and bottom, but nowadays, what with the general dearth of rain, I haven’t had to face the need to deal with the rain on a bike on a regular basis.

    Plain fact is, I rather like the rain and this is my first flat in…years.

  • Heather_W_62

    We need more than a weekend or two of rain over time to dispel a drought.

  • Chris J


  • Tizzielish

    I am curious to know how much snow fell in the mountains over the weekend. The snow up there matters to water all over.

    This weekend’s rain was a joyful gift but, as others have pointed out, it isn’t even a dent in the deep drought conditions.

    I am amazed that EBMUD has not already tightened water usage. I was surprised it too the governor so long to tighten up what water is available.

    We have been acting liks ostriches, sticking our heads in the sand and ignoring the looming reality: no water, no food. and skyrocketing food prices. and suffering, economic, physical, emotional.

    We’ve been in a drought for a few years and only now tightening up water usage?!!!

  • The State of California publishes extensive snowpack information if you’re willing to poke around a bit. Here is a graphical summary of water-equivalent by region:


    Here is a pdf showing the current year in comparison to a select historical basis:


  • Iceland_1622

    The storm was setting off cars alarms on the north side Sunday morning at 1 a.m. due to the density and power of the deluge. If this continues, and I suspect it will, I belive our primary concern then will be below — set to arrive in early May. Climate change is a b*itch is it not?!