Where in Berkeley?

Where in Berkeley?


Know where this is? Take a guess and let us know in the Comments. (Bonus point if you know what the historical marker is referring to.)

And, by the way, we still do not have an a correct answer to last week’s Where in Berkeley! A first. Can you stump the chumps?

Update, 5:50 p.m.: NAParish correctly identified this as being taken on San Pablo Avenue, just north of Gilman. Congratulations on being this week’s winner! Still no winners for last week’s photo!

Photo: Mark Petrofsky.

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  • NAParish

    This pic was taken on San Pablo a bit north of Gilman (http://goo.gl/maps/wcTKQ ). I’ll have to think about what the historical marker is — after I give my son a ride to school.

  • NAParish
  • You are correct NAParish in locating the signs. We assume you are also correct in identifying the place of historical interest, but we’re not 100% sure ourselves! Congratulations on being this week’s winner. (Any ideas on last week’s Where in Berkeley?!)

  • Laura Morland

    You’re good! I must have passed that sign hundreds of times without noticing the reference to the “point of historical interest.” Now I’m curious!

  • Infobug

    I think it might be referring to San Pablo Avenue (Camino Real) which is the longest/oldest highway in Bay Area. (Possibly California) Also designated as “The Lincoln Highway” though this was much later, I believe. Just a guess…

  • BerOak

    Last week’s “Where in Berkeley” is on Whitney just around the corner from 2014 Woolsey, right on the Oakland-Berkeley border if not actually in Oakland.

  • Mbfarrel

    It seems that “El Camino Real” was a marketing strategy. I dont think it ever included San Pablo Avenue. I do remember when San Pablo was part of US 40 (alt.)