Berkeley man with violent past chased, arrested, charged

Terryl Rucker, via Facebook

Terryl Rucker, via Facebook

A man with a violent past in Berkeley has been arrested and charged with four felonies after escaping from police officers during a foot chase near his home on Russell Street in December, according to court papers.

In a document related to the arrest of 25-year-old Terryl Rucker, authorities said two officers tried to speak with him and another man, Ronald Lewis, during a narcotics enforcement investigation Dec. 20, 2013, in the 1600 block of Russell in South Berkeley.

According to court papers, they fled on foot into a gated complex in that block, which includes 1615 Russell, as officers chased them.

Rucker went into an apartment at 1615 Russell, then exited the second story of that building “and jumped to the ground floor where I again pursued him on foot,” police wrote. Both men managed to escape.

Police searched the apartment listed as the “probation address” of Rucker and Lewis, at 1615 Russell, and found marijuana packaged for sale, and two Apple iPads that were confirmed stolen out of Berkeley, according to authorities.

Scant information was available about how Rucker ultimately was arrested, but he was picked up on a warrant in Oakland on Feb. 19, according to the Alameda County sheriff’s department Inmate Locator website.

Lewis has not yet been arrested, but the district attorney’s office charged both men Feb. 20 with possession of marijuana for sale, receiving stolen property — two counts, in connection with the iPads, and receiving stolen property in connection with a stolen Canon camera found in their possession.

According to the district attorney’s office, Rucker has four prior felony convictions in Alameda County: unlawful driving or taking of a vehicle in 2006; possession of a firearm by a felon in 2008; possession for sale of a controlled substance in 2009; and grand theft of a person in July 2011.

He received prison terms for the firearm and controlled substance convictions, and probation in the other two cases, including a brutal 2011 robbery attempt that upset many residents in South Berkeley.

Rucker had been arrested in May of that year on suspicion of battery, mayhem, robbery and a slew of other charges in connection with the violent pistol whipping of a Berkeley resident, as well as two other robberies the same month, in February 2011. Authorities said in mid-2011 that a second man had committed the crimes alongside Rucker, but that he had not been “identified and/or arrested.”

Berkeley Police spokeswoman Officer Jennifer Coats said this week that the accomplice in those incidents still has not been identified.

In the first case linked to the men, on Feb. 10, their victim sustained “significant facial injuries” during a robbery and pistol whipping, which took place in the 3100 block of Ellis Street, at Prince Street, right across from Malcolm X Elementary School at about 11:30 p.m.

“He was so badly beaten with a gun on his chest and face that he sustained multiple facial fractures. The assailants fled without stealing anything,” according to an earlier report on Berkeleyside. The victim “was left to crawl home bleeding profusely.”

“Moments later,” police said previously, the men committed another robbery, at Prince and Harper streets, about a block to the east.

The district attorney’s office said Rucker was also responsible for a robbery in the 1600 block of Woolsey Street on Feb. 25, 2011, where he and another man robbed a pedestrian of his laptop and iPhone. According to police, the victim in that case reported pain and minor injuries to his face, but declined medical treatment.

In May of that year, Berkeley Police detectives served a search warrant at Rucker’s home, in the 1600 block of Russell Street, and reported the discovery of cocaine base and marijuana in quantities consistent with a sales operation, police said previously.

Rucker is being held on the current charges at Santa Rita Jail with a bail of $65,000, and is scheduled for a pre-trial hearing March 4 at Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse in downtown Oakland.

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  • joyce

    this twerp needs to be put away for some signi time. He is a menace to the community.

  • bgal4

    shittttt this MoFo is out already, he doesn’t live on Russel St, he was staying with his girlfriend in a federally subsidized Rosewood apt, I believe that is prohibited. Rucker is a violent anti-white racist who thinks beating people faces with his pistol is a good time.

  • Doc

    Berkeley police make life here possible. Honor them

  • guest

    Yup. It should be noted that in his pistol-whipping attack he picked a target based on race, and then beat them mercilessly and did not rob them.

    Was he charged with a hate crime? No.

  • Doc

    Why was he allowed out?

  • emraguso

    I’ve asked the district attorney’s office but I’m not sure what information will be made available.

  • Woolsey

    Of course, if the races were reversed it would be an international incident. Strange country we live in…We’re all part of a mutual conspiracy to cover up black on white (or asian) crime. We’d much prefer to not know about it, or pretend it isn’t happening.

  • ilovesouthberkeley

    Does anyone know what the W’s represent? I’ve heard various things from kids in the park, just curious.

  • bgal4

    apparently my assumption that Rucker did time for the aggravated assault with injuries was wrong , seems he was only sentenced to probation.. On top of that Lewis and Rucker were allowed to live in a HUD project based complex and as felons associate with one another which is a violation of probation conditions.

  • ripple947

    Seeing these comments here in Berkeley is encouraging.

  • southberkeleyres

    This is disgusting that jerks can be allowed to pistol whip and rob good, gentle people and get off skip free and skoff at justice on probation to commit further crimes. Where is the outrage! Why do we put up with this? Berkeley get your priorities straight.

  • guest

    You get more jail time for attacking a dog than a person.

  • guest

    He didn’t even rob the person he beat in the pistol-whipping attack. He picked a victim based on race and then beat them into a pulp without taking anything from them.

  • dsd510

    It’s never okay to beat anyone like that, regardless of the reasons, even because the person is white. But these comments also ignore the ugly reality of white privilege in most situations.

  • Bill N

    Bail of $65,000 is nothing and given his history It should be at least twice that.

  • bgal4

    this is the ugly reality of black privilege
    1. endless second chances and little if any consequences
    2. probation instead of jail time for violent crime
    3. white apologists prepared to make excuses

  • kumbayistah

    even white
    not much white priv on the street here, eh?

  • kumbayistah

    love to get the name(s) of the probation officers, and/or reason for no such supervision.

  • bgal4

    the DA’s office is responsible for this injustice along with failed probation supervision

  • bt

    By definition, a hate crime. But can anybody recall a single instance of a black person being charge with a hate crime against a white or asian victim? No DA has the stones to go there …

  • Mel Content

    Gotta say one good thing about social media – Facebook and similar sites make the prosecution’s job easier of proving such things as violent tendencies, gang affiliations, and drug/weapons violations…

  • Guestalicious

    West Side Boys?

  • Guest

    The black kid who lit Sascha Fleischman on fire has been charged as an adult with hate crime enhancements. Happened right here in the Bay Area just a couple of months ago. When Sasha was attacked, many of the same commenters here today insisted that it was impossible for a black person to be charged with a hate crime. Short memories….

  • guest

    If you have evidence of a rampant wave of white crime in Berkeley, feel free to let BPD know the details so they can prosecute the perps to the fullest extent of the law.

    But I gotta say, their arrest records and warrant sheets make your complaints seem unfounded.

  • bgal4

    hate against gays has always been charged, not against white people.

  • guest

    Isn’t Fleischman Jewish? Got any examples of a hate crime charge against a perp where the victim was a straight white male?

  • Hyper_lexic

    where in these reports do you see that he ‘picked a victim based on race’? I don’t see any reference to this in this article or the link.

    just because Rucker is a thug who is black and his victim was white doesn’t mean that it was specifically racial.

  • guest

    So, Jews aren’t white? Can’t say as I’m surprised to hear that sentiment in this comment thread.

  • guest

    “The broad social structure of white supremacy is not a part of the working conservative definition of racism.” Jonathan Chait, 2013

  • guest

    Oh, right, every individual white person is guilty for anything racist that any other white person does, has done, or will do in the future.

  • guest

    Well, I guess pretending that ethnic Jews don’t have an identity as a minority group separate from “white” is one way to admit that you can’t come up with a single example of a hate crime charge against a perp where the victim was a straight white male.

  • guest

    If two white punks selected a black man and viciously beat him for no apparent reason, would you be questioning if it was a racially based attack?

  • guest

    Jonathan Chait on the Notable Names Database.

  • Leegal Counsel

    I guess you think all those White Drug Addicts on Shattuck, Telegraph, People’s Park, etc., work for a living to support their drug habits?

  • bgal4

    no, but some even sell the free pot the dispensaries provide low income homeless.

  • emraguso

    We just heard this update from the DA’s office about Rucker: “He is set to appear in court on 4/10 based upon a new petition to revoke his felony probation. In 2011, he was placed on felony probation based upon the new offense, but also sentenced to 3 years state prison based upon a probation violation.”

  • Guest
  • Tyrannum Dominum

    That’s too bad. Payback is a bitch evidently :)

  • Just Desserts