Photos: Humans of Berkeley and the Bay Area/3

Zoe, age 3 1/2, and Dwight Ford. Me: “What surprises you about being a father?” Dwight: “I know it sounds corny, but what surprises me the most about fatherhood is how little most other things matter to me now that I am a father.”

With Humans of Berkeley and the Bay Area (HUBBA for short), longstanding Berkeleyside contributing photographer Nancy Rubin is chronicling in wonderful images the people of Berkeley and beyond. Today we are delighted to publish another tranche of Rubin’s collection. If there’s a theme in this set, it is love — for one’s child, partner or pet.

Read our interview with Rubin in which she talks about what inspired her to start the project and its philanthropic element.

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Anand Hattiangadi with his 9-year-old daughter August. I interrupted August as she was reading The Golden Compass to her father: Me: “What kind of books do you like to read? August: “Fantasy.” Me: “Why?” August: “Because you use your imagination.”
Inti and Pedro Carrasco. Inti is 6 months old. His name means sun in Quechuan. Pedro: “I’m from Peru and I like my culture. They were very smart. I want to show my son where I come from and teach him how to speak Quechuan. Me: “What hopes to you have for your son Inti?” “I would like him to be multilingual so he could help other immigrants.”
Shain Carrasco, Cellist with Ruby, 5 1/2 weeks old. This proud new father was not in the middle of a Manhattan street risking his infant daughter’s life. He was safely standing on the sidewalk on Solano Avenue in front of this life size street photo. “She’s the best Christmas present ever.”
JhoryAnne Nevers and tzepaporeus. Me: “Do you always carry your cat with you?” “I do. She lives with me 24/7. We’re both houseless together and travel around the states.”
Nicholas Littlejohn and Kelly Wang. “We enjoy the simple pleasures. We ride our bikes together. We walk all over Berkeley and discover things. It’s important to slow down.”

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