Berkeley Police on 3 recent shootings: ‘Responding to these incidents is our top priority’

Berkeley Police have responded to three shootings this week. Image: Google Maps

Berkeley Police have responded to three shootings this week. Image: Google Maps

Three shootings in Berkeley since last weekend have raised safety concerns around town, and police area coordinators have been using their email lists to ask for cooperation and assure residents that the incidents are under investigation.

Two shootings took place on Harmon Street in South Berkeley, on Saturday and Monday, and the third incident took place on Bonar Street in West Berkeley on Tuesday night. Two teenagers were shot in the second Harmon Street incident, but were said to have non-life-threatening injuries. No other injuries were reported, and there have been no arrests reported.

South Berkeley area coordinator Officer Stephanie Polizziani told community members on her email list Thursday that Berkeley Police “detectives and patrol officers are working night and day following up on any leads that come their way to ensure the community’s safety.”

Polizziani wrote that she and Lt. Randy Files, who oversees five police beats downtown and in South Berkeley, have been in “constant contact with our beat officers and have asked them to remain vigilant in the affected areas.”

Police are asking anyone with information about the incidents to get in touch. Tipsters can remain anonymous by calling 510-THE-COPS, Polizziani wrote.

Polizziani said she had already received some information from the community, which she had “passed along anonymously.”

Calling in suspicious information, she added, allows the department to “dedicate resources to the area in real time.”

Officer Rashawn Cummings, area coordinator for West Berkeley, sent an email to his list Friday, on behalf of Police Chief Michael Meehan, to try to allay concerns: “The Berkeley Police Department understands and empathizes with the high level of concern regarding the three recent shootings that have occurred in South and West Berkeley. We want the community to know that responding to these incidents is our top priority.”

The email said police have increased patrols in the area, and “asked both the Special Enforcement Unit and the Traffic Unit to make these areas their top priority. In addition, Bicycle Officers are being diverted to spend time in the affected areas.”

All three cases are “under active investigation and we will follow any and all leads to their conclusion,” according to the email.

He too asked the community to pass along any relevant information to police: “Active community involvement is always the best resource for making our community safer.”

Callers can use the Bay Area Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 800-222-TIPS (8477) to remain anonymous. The Berkeley Police Department’s Investigations Division at can be reached at 510-981-5741. As noted above, tipsters can also remain anonymous by calling 510-THE-COPS. Find your area coordinator’s contact information here.

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  • Ryan

    These guys in BPD are such liars. Here’s what they said after the first round of shootings:

    ““You’re not going to see a difference in the way the Police Department handles crime in your area,” he said. “One random event is not going to change policing in Berkeley.””

    That “random event” was a MURDER. They don’t care about west Berkeley. They don’t care about lives in this community. Nor does mayor bates or councilwoman maio. We have to take west Berkeley back for ourselves. No one should cooperate with the lying cops. Resist. Demand better. Maybe when the politicians turn over we’ll start talking again.

  • guest

    Like most of the decades-long incumbents on the City Council, councilmember Maio seems to be more concerned with pandering for reelection than with actually trying to address the growing problems in her council district.

  • berkeleyspann

    We used to have an effective block watch program based on block captains directly receiving information from the police and entails more cooperation, not less. As for district elections without term limits, that has been a failure. Maio is seeking yet another term. As a result of these endless terms, Berkeley citizens have become passive and cynical. Only charter reform will change our situation. As for the police, we need more direct communication, not less. Or we will simply become consumers of public safety as we have become consumers of local politics.

  • guest

    Don’t be a snitch!