Photos: All catered for on spring weekend in Berkeley

UC Berkeley students gathered at Memorial Glade to celebrate 4/20 Day on Sunday, April 20, 2014. Photo: Ted Friedman

If it’s a spring weekend in Berkeley you can guarantee there’s something  going on for everyone. Among the many activities of this past weekend, contributing photographer Ted Friedman caught 4/20 day on the Cal campus, when marijuana fans celebrate their passion; the Solano Art Walk; and Record Store Day at Rasputin Music on Telegraph Avenue.


A Republican group held an “animal rights” BBQ during 4/20 Day on the UC Berkeley campus. Photo: Ted Friedman


Although smoking marijuana in public on the Cal campus is forbidden, the police stayed away on 4/20 Day Sunday. Photo: Ted Friedman


Musicians played at the Solano Art Walk on Saturday April 19, 2014 in Berkeley. Photo: Ted Friedman


The Bone Room was one of the many stores open for the Solano Art Walk on Saturday, April 19, 2014. Photo: Ted Friedman


A crowd gathered at Rasputin Music on Telegraph Avenue on Saturday, April 19, 2014 to see musician Phillip Philips on national Record Store Day. Photo: Ted Friedman

Check out Berkeleyside’s event calendar for many more events, and make sure to post your own community happenings.

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  • We couldn’t quite believe what we were seeing, but you’re right about the group. The quotation marks will be removed forthwith!

  • DisGuested

    Thanks. I tend to expect the worst here in the wake of that infamous article you posted containing aggressively contemptuous and dehumanizing caricatures of Tea Party supporters (which had strong connotations of ethnic and cultural bigotry).

  • guest

    The Berkeley College Republicans are infamous for tone-deaf sarcasm.

  • guest

    “cultural bigotry”

    Is DisGuested suggesting that we should eliminate bigotry by considering all cultures equally valid? That sounds like an extreme form of left-wing multiculturalism.

  • Which article are you talking about?

  • DisGuested

    “Bigotry” is not synonymous with “evaluation.” I am definitely more left-wing than the Davos crowd around here.

  • DisGuested
  • mikecohen

    Nothing ironic at all. No, Republicans are as great a threat to our National Security as Al Qaeda.