1 sent to hospital after broadside crash in Berkeley

Car crash at Ashby and Telegraph, April 23, 2014. Photo: Dominick Palamenti

One person required medical treatment after a car crash at Ashby and Telegraph avenues Wednesday morning. Photo: Dominick Palamenti

One driver was sent to the hospital Wednesday morning after broadsiding another vehicle at Ashby and Telegraph avenues, authorities said.

Police got a report of an overturned vehicle in the South Berkeley intersection shortly before 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, said Officer Jennifer Coats, Berkeley Police Department spokeswoman, via email.

Coats said one driver had been westbound on Ashby turning left onto southbound Telegraph when another driver struck him.

Coats said an oncoming vehicle, eastbound on Ashby, broadsided the man’s vehicle, and caused it to turn over and strike a third vehicle.

Police said the impact of the collision sent the eastbound vehicle into a fourth vehicle.

The driver from the eastbound vehicle was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. No additional information was available.

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  • guest

    As I recall, that intersection of Telegraph and Ashby, with 5 lanes one way, and 4 lanes the other way, does not have isolated turn or pedestrian traffic light phases. It does have UC Berkeley commute traffic, a major hospital, significant bicycle traffic, and a medium sized grocery store. I think it would be safer with a signal pattern more like the one at MLK and University, with left turn phases, and an isolated pedestrian phase.

  • Silvio

    There should be a (southbound) turn-only signal at this intersection… Any idea whether that is in the works?

  • emraguso

    Not sure what you mean but please elaborate. It’s Telegraph Avenue looking north (you can see campus, as well the Ashby street sign). The Chevron station is just out of frame to the left.

  • David D.

    There is no isolated pedestrian phase at University & MLK. Also, traffic volumes are not particularly high at Telegraph & Ashby, so I don’t see the point in protected left-turn signals there.

    One could make a case for changing the striping at this and several other intersections around the city so there are continuous bike lanes and proper left-turn pockets, but that is probably unrelated to this particular collision. Intersections like Gilman & San Pablo, Shattuck & Ashby, etc. leave a lot to be desired.

  • Un-Starbucks is just out of frame to the right.

  • guest

    I think in addition to considering the absolute volume of flow, you should also take into account how often safe left turning intervals occur. In the morning and evening rush hours, the flow of traffic is continuous and steady, only allowing 1 or 2 cars to make a left per cycle. Additionally, the presence of 2 traffic lanes each way makes it difficult to find an opportunity to make a turn. The added cycle length of a signal with left turn phases would make it easier to cross Ashby and Telegraph in neighboring blocks by creating gaps in the traffic.

  • emraguso

    We have asked the city.

  • emraguso

    A quick response to your question from city spokesman Matthai Chakko:
    “The project list can be found at:
    Project K on the list is proposed to add left turn signals on Ashby at Telegraph.”

  • Doug F

    Since the police said nothing about running a red light or greatly excessive speeding, this appears to be the fault of the left-turner, making the turn immediately in front of the oncoming car & expecting it to panic-brake. The overturned vehicle (Accord Crosstour?) isn’t very top-heavy, so it takes a hard impact to make one roll over, i.e. the oncoming car didn’t have much time to brake. Looks like at least 25mph at impact on its front end. I’d check for some form of mental disability in the left-turning driver, if only a temporary OD of impatience. When my mother caused an accident like that, it was creeping Alzheimer’s.

  • ebvv

    That intersection is so congested (especially Ashby St. it’s so tight). There is the Whole Foods Market, Alta Bates hospital, gas station and lot of clinics right in that radius. Then the extra long no.#1 and rapid #1 AC transit bus must come down Telegraph St. People just don’t want to slow down. Need to go back to old way, traffic cop in middle of street or a police sub-station (in that vacant lot spot across from gas station) then the police is always around. Maybe they should have crossing lights like they do in Oakland China town, a(Pedestrian crossing light) for all direction, then have a NO right turn on red light.

  • Marietta

    We always go west on Russell and turn south on Telegraph; it is too dangerous to use Ashby and Telegraph. My concern is new people coming to the area who are not aware of how dangerous that intersection is. I hope a change can be made soon. I was shocked to see the photo.

  • Guest46

    Agreed. I think one out of the four directions has a protected turn with an arrow light. During busy times, the only way to make a left here in the other three directions is on the yellow, going into red. Even when there is an opening from the oncoming cars, pedestrians and bikes make it less likely you can take that opening. Heading West on Ashby, there is also a bus stop and gas station with a merging lane right when you get through the intersection, which adds more to the mess. There is so much to watch for at this intersection. I don’t feel safe as a pedestrian here, although usually it’s the drivers trying to turn right that threaten to mow me down if I don’t let them take my right of way.

  • Guest

    I live a couple blocks from here and did a double take, as I thought the same thing. After staring at it a bit longer, I recognized the mechanic garages on the left that go with the Chevron. The landmarks in the picture are limited (I can’t read the street sign), but it’s a great shot of the accident, which is the important part.