Mosswood whiskey aims for West Berkeley move

Jake Chevedden and Therese Agnew hope to move their Mosswood Distillers operation to Berkeley. Photo: Mosswood

Jake Chevedden and Therese Agnew hope to move their Mosswood Distillers operation to Berkeley. Photo: Mosswood

A San Francisco-based whiskey business hopes to open in West Berkeley this summer.

Mosswood Distillers, run by Therese Agnew and Jake Chevedden, is currently based on Treasure Island. But their month-to-month rental agreement has made it hard to plan for the future, said Chevedden, which prompted the desire to move.

Chevedden said the couple is still waiting for the green light from the state licensing department but, if successful, hopes to move their operation to West Berkeley by July.

The company specializes in aging and blending whiskey — sourced from other distilleries — “to create new and unique flavor profiles,” according to the company website.

The owners have applied for a “rectifier” license, which would allow them to “cut, blend,
rectify, mix, flavor and color distilled spirits.”

If approved, the new business would be based at 2619 Seventh St. in West Berkeley, between Parker and Carleton streets. That’s several blocks south of Urbano Cellars and just north of the newly-opened Rare Barrel sour beer brewery. (See more alcohol-related businesses in Berkeley here.)

Initially, the business would not be open to the public, but a tasting room may be a possibility down the line, Chevedden said Tuesday afternoon.

Click the image to connect with Mosswood on Facebook. Photo: Mosswood Distillers

Click the image to connect with Mosswood on Facebook. Photo: Mosswood Distillers

Mosswood, which launched last October, currently offers four types of whiskey: apple brandy, California lager, espresso and Irish American. Longterm plans include making whiskey from scratch, but the couple has focused on aging and blending from other sources while raising money for that endeavor.

Mosswood whiskies are offered for sale at several bars and retail shops in San Francisco, including Bourbon & Branch, Local Edition and Third Rail.

For now, there’s nowhere to buy Mosswood outside of San Francisco, but Chevedden said part of the couple’s plans for the move include expanding to outlets in the East Bay.

Connect with Mosswood on Facebook, and stay tuned to Berkeleyside Nosh for more details.

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  • guest

    Oh you mean they might join the other brewers, vintners and distillers in Berkeley’s emerging Drinks District? ;-)

  • emraguso

    I wasn’t going to say it! :)

  • Bill N


  • guest

    I said it for you. And I mean no disrespect whatsoever to those who’ve taken issue with it. I kinda get it, I guess, maybe. It’s at least as good and descriptive as the “Gourmet Ghetto.”

  • Bill N

    Poor ole Nosh reporters will have to go check the place out too!

  • Slosh?

  • NotInMyCocktailShaker

    I’m sure this isn’t good news. Let me see…
    –This is just another ploy for out of district students to sneak into berkeley schools.
    –This is obviously a violation of a legal settlement that someone signed sometime in the past with someone.
    –This violates my personal vision of this neighborhood which I have (check one) __ lived in for a year; __ visited; __ knew in a completely different form 30 years ago as a child.
    –Oh no, the parking!
    –Yuppie cocktail scum gentrifiers.
    There are probably a few other problems as well. No good can come of this.

  • EBGuy

    Hmmmm… a nice addition to the fermentation district. I don’t think “oak barrels” are the type of “employees” the city council was thinking of when they zoned West Berkeley for light industrial. Capitalism will always find a way…

  • And Berkeley will find a way to ferment revolution.

  • Josh Cohen

    You can check the status of their liquor license here:

  • Chris J

    Yep. Nosh ‘n Slosh

  • Tim Ereneta

    Careful now, you’re messing up our carefully constructed Berkeleyside Comments Buzzword Bingo game…

  • le guest

    Brewer Boulevard?
    Vintner Valley?

  • Charles_Siegel

    Le quartier de boissons!

  • Alcohol Alley?

  • Spirit Street

  • EBGuy

    Speaking of revolutions, please tell me the Henry townhouse will sell for less than seven figures.

  • DisGuested

    Drunks District.

  • guest

    Tipsytown. Swillville. Buzzburgh.

  • Bishop George Berkeley

    Now THAT’S something I want in on!

  • Devin

    Berkeley’s Wet West?

  • guest

    The West Bowery Plan?


    You forgot the MOST important issue facing Berkeley today.