Berkeleyside to hold Open Office on Thursday May 29

A previous Berkeleyside Open Office, held at PIQ in downtown Berkeley. Photo: Tracey Taylor

A previous Berkeleyside Open Office, held at PIQ in downtown Berkeley. Photo: Tracey Taylor

Berkeleyside will be holding Open Office hours on Thursday May 29, 5:30-7:30 p.m., at NextSpace in downtown Berkeley.

Berkeleyside readers can meet the Berkeleyside team, share ideas, grab a beer, and generally have a social time. Bring story ideas, berate us for what you feel we could do better, and tell us about the issues that matter to you in Berkeley. Hopefully many of our regular contributors — writers, photographers, designers and more — will be able to come, so you get to meet them too.

Berkeleyside was conceived as an online forum as much as an online newspaper and your input adds incalculable value to our coverage and our site.

We held our first Open Office three years ago and vowed to repeat the event about once a month. Well, that didn’t quite work out. We held one in 2012 and have just been too plain busy to have even thought about holding one since then. Hopefully we can improve on the frequency of these fun gatherings in future!

As many of the Berkeleyside team that can make it will be there next week to say hello and chat in the flesh.

RSVP on our Open Office event page, or just turn up. We look forward to meeting you off-line.

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  • Tom Bruceman

    Will conversations be censored there too?

  • Woolseym

    Sure are a lot of cranks in Berkeley.

  • SueT

    Tom Bruceman????

  • David

    Berkeleyside is a great addition to our community. I am amazed by how often family and friends refer to articles we have read. My only regret is that many of the public comments are so didactic, with an obvious axe to grind. But others are worth reading. I hope to attend the Open Office, if only to support Berkeleyside. I cannot imagine living in a community without it!

  • Guest

    This assumes you know the kinds of speech that are repressed.

    Also, I think your expectations about the “best job possible” are rather low. Best around currently, sure, but then we’re comparing to the daily cal, daily planet, chron, tribune, and express, none of which is particularly good.

  • SicilianaTrevino

    Thanks for reading Berkeleyside! I joined Berkeleyside a year ago and I still can’t believe the amount of breaking news and city-wide coverage we’re able to deliver to the community for free, thanks to our dedicated reporters, contributors as well as our local advertisers and members.

    What most certainly isn’t low is our readership, which is now up to 200,000 unique visitors and over 600,000 page views monthly. (Someone’s reading us all the way from Brisbane Australia right now.)

    The Society of Professional Journalists’ Northern California Chapter awarded Berkeleyside their Excellence in Journalism Award 2013 for Community Journalism, recognizing our coverage of the BUSD superintendent search and of the downtown post office sale. As you know, we often cover Berkeley news you won’t find anywhere else.

    Please consider becoming a member. With your support we can continue to be the “Best around currently, sure.” by any measure.

  • Chris J

    Won’t be able to make it, alas, and poo poo on the naysayers to your organization. While no organization is perfect nor any individual, at least they are here…and making an effort…and improving things and providing a local online voice…even if some are cranks.

    So THANK YOU, Berkeleyside!