7 Berkeley stories you won’t want to miss

A heap of trash near Prospect St. Photo: Jasper Burget

A heap of trash near Prospect Street. Some of the debris left behind by departing Cal students. Photo: Jasper Burget

1. Building begins on site of Sequoia Apts fire on Telegraph
2. Once in a lifetime chance to see plant bloom in Berkeley
3. Photos: Departing Cal students leave debris piles behind
4. Berkeley officials hold off on minimum wage task force
5. Surveillance camera registry a possibility for police
6. Authorities uncover drug operation on Oregon Street
7. Potential Walgreens suit brews as Berkeley officials tackle new drugstore ordinance

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  • bgal4

    the headline and lead sentence on the Oregon St incident is misleading. Please clarify for concerned residents, since a meth lab is a dangerous public health matter. It is my understanding that chemicals and people involved in the production and distribution of meth were found NOT a meth lab.

  • emraguso

    Frustratingly, we are still waiting to hear back from the sheriff’s department, despite multiple calls and messages. We do appreciate the information you were able to get from them though!

  • bgal4

    I spoke with Sheriff Dept PIO, the dept provided his cell phone to me. I also spoke with BFD asst chief who confirmed they assessed the situation as contained, which means chemicals safely stored, not in use at this location. There was NO lab, just the drug dealers and products for production. I am sure about this and VERY relieved. Meth labs are notoriously toxic and hazardous, which is why I pursued the matter directly.

  • emraguso

    We’ve been calling his cell, too! We just want to make sure to get it direct from him. Will keep trying.