Where in Berkeley?

Where in Berkeley?


Know where this is? Take a guess and let us know in the Comments.

Photo: Neal Parish.

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  • Deep_Berkeley

    Now THAT’S a tough one!

  • I can tell you that this key has been hanging in the same location since at least late summer of 2004.

  • If it were “Where In Albany” I’d say “Key Route”

  • Emily

    Claremont ave, by star grocery!

  • Someone in the city DPW or a utility company could look up pole B5366 pretty fast.

  • Another hint: This site is approximately 200 feet (as the crow flies) from the Oakland border, and the house in the background of the picture has an Oakland zip code even though it’s actually within the city limits of Berkeley.

  • I have no idea but it looks like an uphill slope, so I’ll guess somewhere near Hillcrest and The Uplands … near where they all come together at Roanoke


  • You are close. But not quite correct.

  • DavidM

    Based on these hints and the foliage, I’m guessing the Eucalyptus-Hillcrest neighborhood. The curvy streets plus straight city limits make for interesting situations. There are up there with the opposite situation from what NAParish describes: legally in Oakland, but with “Berkeley CA” addresses for ease of post office delivery.

  • You’re very, very warm, David. This pic was taken fairly close (as the crow flies) to my house in the Eucalyptus-Hillcrest neighborhood — and my house is in Oakland (barely!) but with a Berkeley mailing address.

  • … or any street, for that matter.

  • How many WIB quizzes are there that still have no correct answers? The funny thing is that I actually pointed out this location to participants on the All Berkeley Paths Walk last September, and nobody followed up by posting a response.


  • From your Oakland Mailing, Berkeley Home, Berkeley Path clues, I’d guess somewhere on South Crossways Path. Might be Roslyn Court, but I think that’s in Oakland

  • Thanks for your comment on the WIB … once I saw all your clues at the same time, I knew where to look.

    Your Berkeley Oakland Home Mailing address location was the only place I figured it would be, though there are some homes on Woolsey which actually straddle the border.

    Keep them coming!


  • Congratulations on being the winner of the longest-running Where in Berkeley contest, Ira! If someone was going to do it it had to be you :)

  • Awwww