In Berkeley: A bamboo tree to make wishes come true

The bamboo wishing trees on Delaware Street in Berkeley. Photo: Eve Kushner

The bamboo wishing trees on Delaware Street in Berkeley. All photos: Eve Kushner

There’s something rather special going on at 2022 Delaware St., just west of Shattuck Avenue, in central Berkeley. Reader Eve Kushner alerted us to a cluster of bamboo plants that grow in pots along the sidewalk that have sprouted dozens and dozens of handwritten wishes.

Kushner said the family that owns the house with the bamboo trees encourages people to write their wishes on what look like large, old-fashioned price tags, and to hang them from the bamboo for all to see and read.

“Most of the wishes are sincere, heartfelt, and touching,” said Kushner. “Lots of wishes for world peace, and the odd one for a pizza with all the toppings!”

We asked Kushner if she could share some photographs of this special Berkeley place.






Photo: Eve Kushner



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  • Jim Farr

    Lovely! This was one of my kids’ favorite works at the Yoko Ono exhibition at SFMOMA. If you walk around Reykjavik, you can see a few of these, too!

  • chip

    Sweet! Love these when I come across them. There’s also a nice one on California St. at Jaynes that has been going for a couple of years. Granted it’s the more traditional tree, as opposed to bamboo.

  • Tom Dalzell

    There are several others – 1601 Jaynes (as mentioned by Chip) and 1874 Capistrano. Also, at Uplands and Encina there are post-its with similar wishes on a stop sign. Last winter, wishes came and went on a couple trees on Rose in front of the JCC.

  • Fivetengirl

    Nice! based on Japanese Tanabata tradition! Love it!

  • Mary Hill

    Yes, so lovely. (thanks Eve!) I want to do this at our corner.