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Berkeley in 2010: A year of making news

It’s been a relatively quiet year in Berkeley compared to some other turbulent decades, but there were a number of developments that were significant to the city. Berkeleyside takes a look at 2010’s most important trends.

How Quirky is Berkeley? Peace now!

As befits our city’s political past, Berkeley today is a bastion of peace iconography. The peace sign on the outside of the Hog Farm compound on Berryman shown above is only one of hundreds of signs, flags, and poles declaring our devotion to world peace. In fact, there is some irony in the ubiquitous peace iconography, for in the Vietnam war era there was a definite hierarchy of opposition to the war, ranging from the Peace Movement, to the Anti-War Movement, to the Anti-Imperialism Movement, to the outright calls for revolutionary change. As a whole, the radical politics of Berkeley in the Vietnam years were to the left of the kinder and gentler Peace Movement.