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Some very Berkeley books for the holidays

On Dec. 16, Berkeleyside published the Best Books of 2016 compiled by Berkeleyside staff and community members. But there is another category of books, those about Berkeley, that is also worth noting. Here then is a list of recently published books about Berkeley that will make great gifts.

How Quirky is Berkeley? Buldan Seka’s ceramic friends

Buldan Seka’s giant, brightly painted, freakish ceramic sculptures have caught the eye and attention of drivers and bikers and walkers on upper Spruce Street in Berkeley for years. Her front yard is a stunning gallery of her large, ceramic works.

How quirky is Berkeley? The art of Conny Bleul-Gohlke

Coming up Marin Avenue, just before Colusa Avenue on the south side of the street, you will have seen the collection of folk art: the garage door, the bench, the pigs in the ivy and the mailbox. They were designed and created by Conny Bleul-Gohlke, an autodidactic artist who came to Berkeley from Berlin with her husband in 2002 for an 11-month work assignment which has turned into 12 firmly entrenched years here. (more…)

How Quirky is Berkeley? Marion Fredman’s Tunnel Rd art

It is only natural that Marion Fredman would infuse her home and garden with whimsical art, given her long association with MOCHA, the Museum of Children’s Arts in Oakland.  For years, Fredman worked at MOCHA; she still serves on the board. Over the years she has collaborated with her children and seven grandchildren to use mosaic tile, tiny statues, ceramic plates, stones, and other found objects to create art around her home at 22 Tunnel Road.

How quirky is Berkeley? Check out these dinosaurs

For the last few years, Tom Dalzell has been wandering the streets of Berkeley, camera in hand, to document all the strange, fascinating, and unusual items he can spot in yards and gardens. They range from animal-themed birdhouses to Hansel and Gretel cottages to wild lawn art to unusual signs to art cars. The only criterion he has: they must be quirky.

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