Berkeley Bites: Lois Porter, Mamie & Makhi’s Sweet Potato Pie

Lois Porter took a beloved family recipe and developed a sweet potato product that takes some of the time out of cooking with these nutritious tubers. With the seasonal shift to fall and Thanksgiving around the corner, her perishable product was recently picked up by both Berkeley Bowls and makes its debut tomorrow at the […]

Berkeley Bites: Jim Montgomery, Green Faerie Farm

Jim Montgomery, one of the co-founders of Green Faerie Farm, isn’t your typical red-headed, disabled, gay, geeky urban homesteader. But then how many of those do you know? The gently-spoken 45-year-old likes to joke that in 1995, when he and two friends bought a 1920 house in West Berkeley with a large lot in back, the […]

Berkeley Bites: Alice Waters

Do Berkeleyside readers even need an introduction to the mother of the American fresh, local, sustainable, organic food movement? Alice Waters is a living legend. For four decades, the California cuisine innovator, Chez Panisse chef, Edible Schoolyard founder, school food reformer, and Slow Food advocate, has influenced how people in this country buy, cook, eat, […]

Berkeley Bites: Berkeley Student Food Collective

It seems unthinkable that the People’s Republic of Berkeley has existed without a food co-operative for more than two decades. Well, try not to choke on your non-GMO, organic, fair trade, soymilk chai latte, but the co-op is coming back to Berkeley. The Consumer’s Cooperative of Berkeley was the place to shop for the politically correct […]

Berkeley Bites: Aaron Betesh, Blue Heron Farms

For 10 years, Blue Heron Farms vendor Aaron Betesh has been selling organic vegetables to customers at all three Berkeley Farmers’ Markets. Betesh is part of the Blue Heron crew which, for much of the year, hawks salad greens, Asian greens, herbs and flower — along with carrots, kale, and broccoli. The produce comes from […]

Berkeley Bites: Michael Wild, BayWolf

The restaurant game is notoriously tough. Profit margins are thin, the dining public fickle, feeding people day in and day out is bloody hard work. The life span of a typical eatery: a few years, tops. When a place survives — thrives even — for 35 years, attention should be paid. Michael Wild, 70, has […]

Berkeley Bites: Fearless critic Robin Goldstein

Robin Goldstein has the kind of pedigree that might make you expect him to be, frankly, a bit of a wine and food snob. He studied neuroscience and philosophy at Harvard, earned a law degree from Yale, picked up a cooking credential from the French Culinary Institute and added a certificate from the Wine and […]

Berkeley Bites: Minh Tsai, Hodo Soy Beanery

Minh Tsai is on a mission to make tofu the next hip artisanal food. He knows he has a ways to go to get many Americans to even taste tofu, but if anyone can make it cool to eat bean curd, this enthusiastic self-described tofu master is the man for the job. Tsai grew up […]

Berkeley Bites: Kara Hammond, Elmwood Café

A decade ago, and fresh out of North Carolina, Kara Hammond landed a gig at Café Fanny, a tiny slip of a place in North Berkeley opened 25 years ago by, oh, a certain famous local chef. Hammond, who had run a homespun bakery in Greensboro, wanted to get some kitchen experience in the Bay […]

Berkeley Bites: Suzanne Schafer & Shari Washburn, Ebbett’s Good to Go

The Twitter handle pretty much sums things up.  Two food-obsessed moms try to have their cake and eat it too: Start a food truck and still be home with the kids. Meet the newest truck on the block to hit the streets of Emeryville. You can’t miss the baby-blue colored vehicle emblazoned with the Ebbett’s […]

Berkeley Bites: Tu David Phu, Saul’s Delicatessen

What’s a nice, young, tattooed Vietnamese boy from West Oakland doing as the top chef in a Jewish deli in North Berkeley? I’m so glad you asked. Tu David Phu wanted to take a break from working the stoves in Bay Area fine dining establishments — his resume includes stints at The Peasant and the […]

Berkeley Bites: Lucia Sayre, Physicians for Social Responsibility

In many ways Lucia Sayre is your typical Berkeley resident: She has a fondness for farmers’ markets, growing her own greens, and eating local foods. As director of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility, a nonprofit group that promotes public health policies, she wants to do more than make a […]

Berkeley Bites: Paul Arenstam and Charlene Reis, Summer Kitchen & Bake Shop

Chef owners Paul Arenstam and Charlene Reis have a slow food sensibility in a take-out business better known for fast food. That’s because the culinary couple (partners in life too) come with stellar cooking credentials: She’s an-ex Chez Panisse pastry chef, he did stints at upscale L.A. joints before landing at San Francisco’s acclaimed Rubicon. […]