If elected, Jesse Arreguín would be Berkeley’s first Latino mayor, just one of many firsts

On a recent rainy day, City Councilman Jesse Arreguín took time from his campaign for mayor to visit a homeless encampment in South Berkeley. As water poured down on the tents and lean-tos set up in the Adeline Street median, Arreguín spoke to those camping out about their needs and wants. The fact that Arreguín, […]

Election 2016: Who is Jesse Arreguín?

Name: Jesse Arreguín Age: 32 Job: Berkeley City Councilmember What office are you are running for? Berkeley Mayor What is the main reason you are running? I am running for Mayor to make Berkeley work for everyone and restore Berkeley to the forefront of progressive leadership on the environment and social justice. This election comes at a critical time for […]

Op-ed: Jesse Arreguín, Sophie Hahn and the 2 Measure Rs

William Faulkner famously wrote “The past is not dead. Actually, it’s not even past.” That’s especially true in Berkeley, where civic issues can persist for years after they have apparently been resolved. Take the case of “development,” a topic of local controversy that refuses to die. Two ballot measures addressing downtown development over the past […]

Jesse Arreguín formally announces run for mayor

City Councilman Jesse Arreguín formally announced Thursday that he is running for Berkeley mayor by sending out an email statement declaring his candidacy. He will follow that up with a kick-off rally Nov. 12 at 6 p.m. in a location that will be announced later. Arreguín said Berkeley needs to be a city “that works for […]

Oops! Did Jesse Arreguín inadvertently declare he is running for mayor?

Berkeley City Councilman Jesse Arreguín may have inadvertently announced his candidacy for mayor Monday when he changed the name of his Facebook page from “Jesse Arreguín for City Council,” to “Jesse Arreguín for Mayor.” The change triggered an automatic notice to all of his followers, including Berkeleyside, which then sent out the following tweet at 3:48 […]

Berkeley College Republicans file lawsuit to force Cal to let Ann Coulter speak

A legal battle will determine if UC Berkeley must let controversial speakers like Ann Coulter on campus regardless of security concerns. Milo Yiannopolous and others vow to return.

New mayor seeks cooperation, also higher developer fees

Developers with projects in the pipeline can expect to be asked to provide more affordable housing and a stronger community benefits package before being approved, Mayor-elect Jesse Arreguín said Monday during a far-ranging interview with Berkeleyside. Now that the self-described progressives have the City Council majority (see below for more details) the “previous approach” to development will change, […]

Numerous op-eds weigh in on Berkeley mayor’s race

The election is three weeks away and Berkeleyside is getting lots of op-ed submissions. We just published three op-eds on the mayor’s race, which join others we have published in recent days. The recap: Jonathan Jaffee talks about how he finds mayoral candidate Laurie Capitelli more knowledgeable than Jesse Arreguín. Nicky Gonzalez Yuen said that […]

Op-ed: Why I’ve decided to vote for Laurie Capitelli

Open letter to my neighbors whom were unable to meet Laurie Capitelli at a house event we hosted: Until last night, I was undecided. I had known nothing substantial about our two candidates. (This is really a two-horse race.) Two weeks prior I went to a house party for Jesse Arreguin. Some of my neighbors, […]

Op-ed: Why is the Berkeley City Council so right-wing?

You would think in a left-leaning city like Berkeley – a bastion of free speech and the home of one of the soda tax – that the City Council would be a pretty liberal group. So, it came as a surprise to me to learn that this liberal town has a right-wing City Council. We’re […]