Opening to the Dharma - Free Lecture Series (12-2 thru 12-30)

Opening to the Dharma - Lecture Series At the Nyingma Institute

Dynamic and alive, the lineage of the Buddha’s teachings has the power to make our lives rich and rewarding. For forty years the Nyingma Institute has brought these teachings to students in the Bay Area and throughout the world. This lecture series presents important topics of study and explores how they can be applied to our lives today.

Sunday, December 2
Santosh Philip on "Living Body of Knowledge."

Deeply interconnected, the teachings of the Buddha form a living body of knowledge that has resounded through uncountable cultures and times. Nyingma Institute Instructor Santosh Philip will outline key Buddhist teachings such as the “Four Noble Truths” and will discuss their relevance to us today.

Sunday, December 9
Hugh Joswick on "Meditations for Inner Peace."

Meditation helps us find serenity. For lasting inner peace, however, we must also cleanse the residues of anger and confusion. Nyingma Institute instructor Hugh Joswick will present meditations from the Buddhist tradition that lead to a calm and clear mind and heart.

Sunday, December 16
Olivia Hurd on "Gesture toward Goodness."

To break samsaric patterns, we need to focus on making virtuous activity the ongoing standard in our lives. Tarthang Tulku, Path of Heroes.


The challenge of incorporating goodness into each thought, word, and action is formidable, but necessary according to the Buddha’s teachings. In this talk, Nyingma Institute instructor Olivia Hurd will read from a Tibetan text that can guide us to successfully attaining this.


There will be no Sunday lecture on December 23.  The Institute is closed December 17-26.

Sunday, December 30, 2012
Mark Henderson on "Training for Freedom."

Classic Buddhist education employs three trainings��"shila (ethics), samadhi (meditation), and prajna (wisdom)��"to develop wholesome knowledge and power. Nyingma Institute instructor Mark Henderson will introduce these traditional methods for clearing away the network of confusion and karmic patterns.

Sunday, 30 December, 2012
06:00 PM
07:00 PM



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